The Secret is Noxzema

If she let me tell you her age, you would never believe it to be true. Trust me.

Happy Birthday to the one and only Tinkerbell. We love you.

Related: Noxzema is the elixer of the Gods, it seems. It’s the only thing she has consistently used throughout the years. Order it in bulk here.

I Don’t Want To Wait

If you told me that I’d be working, living and loving life in Baltimore in 2014, 1997-Molly would have shouted YOU JUST DON’T GET ME AT ALL and run straight to her room to blast Paula Cole until the unfairness subsided.

Related: I miss the heck out of Dawson’s Creek, don’t you?

Thank You Orioles #birdland #wewontstop #ibackthebirds #ilikeourguys

Dear Baltimore Orioles,

That was a pretty spectacular Game 1 of the ALDS!

I feel so lucky that I got to celebrate with you!

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Reclaim the Crown #WeWontStop

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This crowd. #WeWontStop

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The stage is set, it’s a beautiful day… here’s to an equally-exciting and well-executed Game 2 and Game 3. Let’s wrap this baby up, ok?


Chloe + Isabel by Molly

As I said on Facebook two weeks ago, you can temporarily knock a girl down with surgery a procedure, but you can’t keep her out for long.

As AR said, “Only you would do this days after surgery 🙂 you’re a machine and I love it.”

To what am I referring?

My new jewelry-business adventure with Chloe + Isabel!

Chloe + Isabel by Molly

Chloe + Isabel is a fashion and lifestyle brand based out of New York City. The company’s mission is to connect stylish, creative and confident women through a modern-day social shopping experience, and I couldn’t be more excited to be joining the team as a Merchandiser!

(No – I haven’t quit my full-time job. I’ve just added this to the repertoire. I want to work on developing my sales skills and when I discovered c+i, I knew that this was just the place to do it! Beautiful and affordable jewelry + endless resources to train me = win/win!)

My online boutique (now live!) features my personalized selection of beautifully crafted, affordably priced, and high quality costume jewels from c+i. You’ll find everything from on-trend statement necklaces, to chic wrap bracelets, to easy everyday essentials. Check it out here:

I can’t wait to hear what you think! If you like what you see, please consider share my boutique link with your friends and family – after all, who doesn’t love to accessorize with a little sparkle and shine?

I’d also love it if you would take a moment to comment below with your favorite pieces so I know what to order for in-person pop-ups AND so I can have them on hand to populate my own inventory. If you’d like to host a pop-up, (and earn free jewelry, jewelry credits and special access while doing so) please let me know and I can tell you a bit more about the process.

Don’t worry – I won’t pimp this business on here all the time. I created a tumblr for just that reason. I also created a separate Facebook page and Pinterest Board, and I would LOVE it if you would follow both.

I’ll leave you with a video which introduces the Fall 2014 Botanica line. It’s gorgeous and is really making me excited for the transition from summer to fall:

Introducing Botanica from Chloe + Isabel on Vimeo.

Check out the fall statement-makers under $100:
Fall Statement-Makers Under $100

and the look of luxe under $50:
Look of Luxe Under $50

So much goodness! Remember – if there’s anything you’d like to buy or learn a little more about, visit my online boutique or let me know and I’ll get you some more information.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support, and I looking forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below!