About Molly

“Molly of Mollytics just renewed my faith in DC’s humankind.” – Carl Weaver, We Love DC
“Subtly funny. Even funnier than Kegasus.” – work client

My favorite subject is me. I can’t help it – I’m an only child. (That statement right there, the “only child” statement, gets me excused from a lot of things.)

Q: What the rock is this blog even about?
A: It’s about me… molly. And I like politics, pop culture, America, blind ShihTzus, fizzy water, women’s reproductive rights (and human rights in general), the U.S.A., the bad birds of Baltimore, cardigans, the ocean and owls. I also blog for NARAL. (<– Used to. Don’t anymore.)

Q: Didn’t you have two other blogs?
A: Yes, I used to blog here and here, but I don’t do that anymore.  I also used to blog for Anti-Real World DC and that was fun. But all good things come to an end, yes?

Q: Do you love fizzy water, real and fake Mexican food, weddings, Jason Schwartzman, Italian words and all-things Disney?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you dislike cats, licorice, raisins, inappropriate barefootness, mugs/glasses with thick rims, the New York Yankees and talking on the phone?
A: It’s true – I definitely don’t like those things.

Q: Is this blog your day job?
A: Goodness no. I have a day job, but tracking my life via a public weblog seemed like a good way to track my life. Thankfully, it still seems like a good idea, so I’m going to keep it up.

What else do you want to know? Ask me anything: mollytics [at] gmail [dot] com
(Ok – don’t ask me anything because that’s crazy.)


8 thoughts on “About Molly

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  2. I would love to have you or someone else who is affiliate with this cause on my show. I am interested in a live segment tomorrow (Tuesday 7/7) during the 12 o’clock hour.
    Please email me if you are interested.

  3. Hello Mollytics –

    My name is Bharet and I am one of the two owner’s of Co Co. Sala. Thank you for your fantastic comment regarding the Cocojitos…we have in fact sold over 17,000 of those since we opened…it is a very unique and obviously popular drink. Of course, we have many others…

    Do let me know when youa re going to be at my place again and it would be a pleasure to meet you. I always love meeting people who support us and especially those who express their opinion and help spread the good word.

    Thank you for your loyalty and I look forward to meeting you soon.

    Take care!


  4. I like your blog, and I like NARAL and I chuffing adore bubbly water. But I also like cats. Maybe if you met my cats, you would like them. And then we could be friends. The kind of friends who like cats and not talking on the phone.

    😉 keep up the good blogs, and the cool tweets.

  5. Bharet – My girlfriends and I are planning a trip to Co Co Sala soon… for cocojitos, naturally. Can’t wait because they are so delicious.

    Caroline – Maybe I can pretend your cats are dogs, and then we’ll be BFFs forever? Let’s think this out. Do your cats go for walks at Robert E. Lee park?

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