I’m Having a Procedure on Wednesday

There. I said it. I put it out there into the universe and I kind of already feel better.

Technically, it’s a surgery, but I feel like calling it a “procedure” instead makes it less of a big deal. All surgeries are a big deal… but mine is fairly routine and 99 percent likely to result in nothing serious. I want to take the power away from it and thus, I’m having a procedure on Wednesday.

Short version of the backstory: I have a rather large (likely) dermoid cyst on one of my ovaries and it has to be removed. (PS – DO NOT google-image search “dermoid cyst” because they are so nasty, gnarly and gross. If you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Hair. Teeth. Skin. Fat. Bones. Blech.) I’m having the procedure done robotically at – where else – Johns Hopkins and I am 100 percent confident in my care team. Everything will go well and in 2-3 weeks I’ll be back at it. It, being life.

My lady advice: Tell your gynecologist EVERYTHING. See him/her annually, talk about anything you’ve noticed and trust your gut. Most of the symptoms of this kind of thing are every-day occurrences, so it’s easy to miss until it’s… say… the size of a grapefruit. Ok? Ok.

(The trailer above will probably only make sense to you if you’ve read The Fault in Our Stars (read it!) or you live inside my brain.)

This weekend, I did a lot of things to prepare, not knowing how long I might be out of work or unable to move as freely as I will want to. Oddly, it all involved nesting. Suddenly, the coffee table that I had for three years and never really liked became unbearable and I had to get a new one immediately. I had to get a house plant for the living room OR ELSE. I had to reorganize all the kitchen shelves because it was chaos in there (no it wasn’t). All these weird little house-oriented tasks had to be accomplished… so I did them.

I’m typing this on a Sunday night, and I can look back now and see that what I did this weekend in similar to what pregnant women do before having a baby. What is it about ovaries that make women nest? Is it as obvious as the estrogen hormone?

Anyway, I feel better about my living room situation and I feel like I can move forward into the week with a clean house and open heart. I’ve gotten all sorts of fancy schmancy spiritual this year, so the last video I’ll leave you for now is this one, from a recent repeat of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. These three, Gabrielle Bernstein and Marie Forleo specifically, are changing my life and perspectives on the daily.

I’d appreciate your positive thoughts, prayers and energy on Wednesday. I believe it works and I’d be much obliged.



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