Spin. Sweat. Sip. Socialize. @revuup

When I like something, I obsess over it. Examples: running, coffee, the beach, Baltimore. So it’s not at all surprising that when my friend Jane told me about a new spin studio – Rev Cycle Studio – opening up in McHenry Row in Baltimore, MD (technically it’s Locust Point, I think. Basically, south Baltimore.), it really isn’t surprising at all that I quickly became obsessed.

I started going shortly after they opened. I remember that I was signed up for a class at 6 a.m. the morning of one of Baltimore’s eight-million snowstorms, and I bravely trekked down to get my butt kicked by Eddie, one of Rev’s instructors. He wasn’t able to make it in, but Esther did. And the rest, they say, is history.

Rev in January:

#baltimore #sunrise #innerharbor

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Rev in February:

Tomorrow and Friday will be fun #nope

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Rev in March:

Rev in April:

Rev in May:

(Side note: I love how much I’ve improved… I can look back at my stats and see how much more power I have gained. #progress)

I dropped all of my instagram pictures of Rev in above because I want any potential newbies to Rev who might be reading this blog post to understand that I’m serious about my Rev-love. It’s not new – it’s been going strong since January 2014, and I have zero plans on stopping.

When I was invited to attend an event at Rev as a “social media influencer,” I almost felt bad about going because I was already clearly in love. But I’m trying to get back into the blogging community in Baltimore and I really wanted to take a Rev Blast class, so I figured… why not?

I’m so glad I went.

Spin + Sweat

Jami – who is a ball of energy and so much fun – led the twenty-or-so of us in a modified REV60 Blast class:

Blast your body and mind in this action packed 60-minute interval ride where the cycle studio becomes your playground. Start out with 30 minutes of high intensity cycling and then get ready for some interval riding coupled with boot camp exercises that will have you on and off the bike for a full body work out that will leave you completely invigorated and screaming for more!

It was so much fun! I loved it, the time flew by, and I felt like I got in a really solid workout. We spun (spinned?) for 20 minutes to a kick-ass soundtrack, then alternated groups of interval sprints or strength moves on the mats down front.

jami teaching rev60 blast

I was covered in sweat which always makes me feel accomplished. Thanks Jami!

Sip + Socialize

After the class – and some group pictures (naturally) – it was time for the sip and socialize portion of the evening. Check out the spread, courtesy of The Wine Market:

wine market bistro food

wine market bistro

Yum! Turns out, drinking wine post-spinning is just as fun as drinking beer! Also fun? Getting to know some people who I only knew previously online. It was great to talk to you, Mary! To meet you, Annie and Chris! And see you again, Kathleen!

Here’s a list of all those who attended (and their twitter handles):

Rev Cycle Studio: @revuup on twitter, @revcyclestudio on instagram
@katekatebear of sunshineandthebear.com
@BreatheBlog of breathedeeplyandsmile.com
@theurbanathletica of theurbanathletica.com
@JessJanksA of justcallmejanks.com
@moutlawRun of outlawontherun.com
@aznstarlette of aznstarlette.com (Definitely check out her new REV60 Barre class every Saturday at 9AM!)
@jami2joy (Check out her regularly scheduled REV60 Blast class every Monday at 7:30PM!)

I’d suggest following them if you have an interest in healthy living, fitness and/or Baltimore. It was a pleasure to meet everyone! Thanks to Rev Cycle Studio and Wine Market Bistro for hosting!


3 thoughts on “Spin. Sweat. Sip. Socialize. @revuup

  1. Loved the post, Molly. And I love Rev! They’re the best. I would have loved to have been there and met you but alas, too much traffic kept me from going 😦 the worst!! ha and i always get confused about spun vs spinned. Glad to see i am not the only one. πŸ™‚ Have you ever done eddie’s rip n ride? I am debating going tomorrow, just need to talk myself into it. haha.

      • Hi Caitlyn!

        Oh man – traffic is so frustrating! I come to Rev from Hampden, and nothing annoys me more than this 15 minute journey turning into a full hour commute! I have taken Eddie many times before, but I haven’t yet signed up for his Rip ‘n Ride on Wednesday am. You should DEFINITELY do it! Whenever I take an Eddie class in the am, i feel great all day!

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