Baltimore’s Best Summer Salads

Over last week and this past weekend, I had two really outstanding summer salads that got me amped-up for summer-salad season.

Ever the unprepared blogger, I failed to get pictures of these two salads. And yet – ever the eternal optimist that this site will, once again, feature updates on my life – I am going to detail the ingredients and tastes so that I can hopefully reproduce in the future. You know, for posterity, and all that.

The Food Market

You can’t read a “best restaurants in Baltimore” list without coming across The Food Market, located in Hampden in North Baltimore. So please know that this salad is only a small part of the bounty that The Food Market brings to the proverbial and literal table on the daily.

The salad: watermelon + basil + feta. While this is hardly a new concept, the way I had it at TFM was coupled with white vinegar and vanilla with balsamic vinaigrette. I can’t recall all the ingredients (I think there were garlic scapes involved, for instance), but the knock-out taste was vanilla. It was so delicious, I probably should have had it as dessert.

Bagby Pizza Co.

We stopped at BPC for a quick lunch (and, if I’m being honest, to catch some of the Germany v. Ghana World Cup match) and while my initial plan was pizza, I ended up ordering their special salad of the day.

The salad: arugula, mango slices, apple slices, fresh feta, toasted cashews and a lime vinaigrette. Not only was the serving size HUGE (and I was super hungry), but it was so fresh and tasty that I forced myself to save half so I could enjoy it later. It’s a shame that this salad is not a standard part of the menu because I would drive out of my way to carry-out this salad on the regular.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that I’m mildly allergic to mangoes, so my tongue swelled a smidge but it was worth it. That’s how tasty this salad is.

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I’m leaving for the beach (Fenwick Island, DE) on Friday for the next ten days, and one of the best parts of this beach time is stopping at all the produce stands on the way downy oshun, hon so that I can stock the kitchen with good eats (to counteract the good drinks*). Mangoes aren’t indigenous to the mid-Atlantic (shocking!) but I’m sure strawberries or blueberries would work as well.


*Speaking of good drinks: I had about four or five (or six?) (I KNOW) grapefruit crushes at Cowboys & Rednecks Pub (terrible name, really great food and drinks) on Sunday. Well, I had two watermelon crushes and upwards of two grapefruit crushes as we brunched and watched the World Cup matches. DELICIOUS and made to order (ie – I like mine less sweet). Aaron is a great bartender, so if you’re in the Baltimore area (Federal Hill) and need a watering hole that has good food AND drink, I would recommend C&R.


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