Gwyneth You Slay Me (and Yet I’m Loving “It’s All Good”)

I have subscribed and unsubscribed and subscribed and unsubscribed again from Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP at least a dozen times. Currently, I’m at unsubscribe, but I think a subscribe is right around the corner…

… NOT because I’ve ever been a fan. I fall somewhere between “dislike” and “don’t care” on the Gwyneth meter.

… NOT because of her pretentious choice of words for announcing her divorce.

… NOT because I agree with any of this absurdity she shared with E! News about mothers working 9-5 having it easier than working as an actor on the set. (Though, I have to say that there’s something tacky about hitting a person when they’re down, no matter how right they may be.)

… and certainly NOT because I think it’s noble and highbrow to name your daughter after a fruit. (Although, ok – it’s kinda cute. Until she gets older. This comes from the woman with the eternally childlike name of “Molly,” so I feel qualified to chime in on that point.)

Like most people, I’m probably a little bit envious of Gwyneth. Why else would I spend this much time thinking of reasons why I need to defend my like of her recent book, It’s All Good.? Exactly.

So why would I want to subscribe to GOOP again? Did I suddenly fall into a wealth that would allow for the purchase of $5800 kitchen set?

No… it’s because one of my favorite celebrities – MINDY KALING – instagrammed the following:

Now that we are on a little break between seasons I’m going to start my journey to minor self-improvement. I’m going to cook every recipe in @gwynethpaltow’s excellent healthy & yummy cookbook with Miranda and Marissa, I’m going to try not to wear too much makeup (see raccoon eyes above), I’m going to barre class, I’m going to get down to a 9 minute mile, I’m going to work on my book, I’m going to try to go hiking with BJ and Jeremy and try not to complain once, and I’m going to try to spend time with my dad. Also I’m going to watch 12 Years A Slave and not turn it off out of horror. Also I’m not going to buy any clothes.

Anything Mindy tries, I’ll try too. So I checked GP’s book out of the library (thus saving myself the $$ in case I wasn’t into it), read through it, got totally into it and decided the following:

I, sorta-like Mindy, will embark on a one-week self-improvement journey wherein I make one of her salads AND dressings for dinner each night this week, starting tonight (Monday).

Obviously this self-improvement can/should last beyond one week, but the salads-for-dinner-from-Gwyneth-Paltrow’s-cookbook is just a one-week thing. They all sound so delicious, and will give me the lighter meal my body craves at night time. I’m in a rut, and I need to shake it.

Plus, Mindy instagrammed this, and it looked/sounded super yummy:

So there you have it. My totally-absurd reason behind re-subscribing to GOOP, checking-out Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook and giving myself a self-imposed salad challenge.

(And you wonder why I don’t blog more? HA!)


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