sardines and spinning

The view from my office as I eagerly anticipate the arrival or breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack (aka the Pressed Juicery (PJ) cleanse).

Last we talked… it was Wednesday and I was waiting for my juice cleanse to arrive. Specifically, I was eating pizza. Hindsight is 20/20 and now that it’s Sunday and I’ve had sufficient time to reassess (is that seriously how this word is spelled?) where I am now versus Wednesday, I can truthfully say that all things happen for a reason. In this case, it’s a good thing that my shipment was delayed and I haven’t begun the #mollydetoxy juice cleanse yet. Pizza with meat and cheese doesn’t equal a “let the cleanse begin” mindset. So, here’s to second chances…

… and ladies who lunch.

But I’ll back up and fill you in. Here’s what happened:

  • I expected the delivery of juices to arrive by 10:30 a.m., as per the email. They were on time the last time I ordered a juice cleanse, and when I checked the FedEx tracking number, everything appeared to be on track.
  • Until they weren’t.
  • My juices were coming from Santa Monica, California so I get that they had a long flight. But they were stuck in Indianapolis and… you know… Polar Vortex.
  • At this point I checked in with PJ to see how I should handle a cleanse arriving late (start when it arrives, wait a day, etc.). They responded right away and let me know that they cleanse was now stuck in Memphis and would not be arriving in Baltimore on Wednesday. They offered advice on starting late, but also gave me the option to postpone it.
  • I took a look at my schedule and I had too many food-oriented things scheduled for the next day, so I took their offer to postpone it.
  • New cleanse date? January 21. I’ll leave you in anticipation until then.

Before I move on, I want to give many thanks to Pressed Juicery for the best customer service ever. I wasn’t charged again, they called and emailed efficiently and were so polite throughout. Super nice and super helpful. I appreciate that in a company.

Ok, so now I had to find some food to feed my face. I hadn’t gone grocery shopping since I had planned on drinking my meals for the next three days, so I had to improvise. And that’s how I bring you to these bad boys:

sardines in olive oil

Sardines, y’all. Have you ever tried them? I hadn’t. Sure – I’d probably had them in things, but I had never purchased them outright and made a meal around them. So why now?

Well, Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard was bare. (Side note: Until I googled that rhyme to find a link, I thought it was “cubbard,” not “cupboard.” Whatever a “cubbard” and “cupboard” are. Good job, nursery school.)

Six-ish months ago, my mom delivered about 10 cans of these suckers because she saw a good deal at the grocery.


Does she eat sardines? No. Do I eat sardines? No. I know. It makes no sense. But here I was with a cupboard (haha) filled with sardines.

Luckily, I remembered reading about sardines on one of the blogs I follow – fANNEtastic food – and turns out, she not only loves them, but they are a nutritional powerhouse. Also, they require very little prep and all the ingredients to mix in were things I had on hand: dijon mustard, salt, pepper and lemon. I also added dill because… why they heck not?

Turns out… I love Sardines, too.

I ate a lot of them until I was able to grocery shop this weekend. I’ve tried adding nonfat plain greek yogurt and old bay (because BALTIMORE) and both have been tasty. Give them a try. The hardest part is how they present when you open the can, but after you mash them up and mix them into things, it’s basically like tuna.

Here’s the point where I tell you about spinning, but this post is already too long. Right? So I’ll save it for a future post. (Why did I leave “spinning” in the title? Because it’s catchy and I’m lazy.)

BUT – here’s what you should know if you are a Baltimore local: Rev Cycle Studio just opened up in Locust Point/McHenry Row and it’s amazing. I’ve been to three classes this year, and not only am I sweating all my sardines out (sorry fellow spinners!), but I’m having a really, really great time. I’ll devote more time to spinning later, but if you’re on the fence about trying it out – don’t be! It’s a lot of fun, and as a relative newbie to spinning, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

Sardines + Spinning. What a week.


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