golden globes 2014: loved

PERFECT! Attention Drew Barrymore: This is how you do baby bump on the red carpet.

Allison Williams: so sharp and clean and on point. I feel like I always love her red-carpet moments.

Downton Abbey’s Mary is anything but contrary. LOVE!

Has Cate Blanchett ever had a miss?

My #1 favorite of the night. This pictures doesn’t capture the perfection, but it. is. everything.

I can’t decide if I love or hate this… but ultimately, the color blocking, deep v and matching lipstick made me a lover.

Amy Adams + red = perfection. Get it, girl.

She’s just so lovable. This whole ensamble works for me!

Edgy and quirky and fits like a glove. Good work, Elisabeth! (We’re best friends. Nope.)

This is what I love to see at the Golden Globes: stuff you can’t get from the Oscars.

Second only to Lupita Nyong’o in my book. Well done, #Baltimore hometown girl, Julie Bowen!

All photos courtesy of In Style.

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