pressed juicery juice cleanse, take two

Another day, another way in which I’m woefully similar to HBO’s GIRLS character, Hannah: (Please understand, GIRLS watchers – this is not something I’m proud of. But by putting my truth out there, I’m hoping to learn something.)

“Lena thinks that Hannah has tried juice cleanses, felt so insanely ill, and then told everybody she was against juice cleanses, and then tried them again.”

So… here’s the part where I announce to you that I’m doing another juice cleanse! Hello pot, I’m kettle.

The good news is, I’ll revive the hashtag #mollydetoxy (it’s a fan favorite) (in my mind).

The bad news is… I’m going to Krautfest at Gertrude’s Friday night (the third and final night of the cleanse)… so that’s problematic. I’m trying to give my ticket away to someone else, so we’ll see how that goes.

But yes – basically, I’m a sucker for marketing and Pressed Juicery had a special on New Year’s Day for $50 off (and free shipping) so I’m doing it again.

All my @pressedjuicery lined up in rows (in my mini fridge at work)

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I’m not sure I gave it a fair shot the last time around, nor did I blog about it after the first entry, and I’m so sick to death of food right now and so desperately in need of a forced food reset that I think it’s just what I need. The timing is right (save for Krautfest), so why not jump all in from Wednesday – Friday? I have a fairly busy work schedule, so that will occupy my days.

Then I’ll workout and get some much needed sleep to help ease myself through the nights – the time that I previously found was hardest for me.

Also – I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while (too much eating out and ugh – too much holiday food), and I’m too lazy to start now. So delivered juices = brilliant.

Wishful thinking? I hope not.

If this so-called Polar Vortex ruins my shipment, I’m going to be equal parts annoyed + relieved. So basically, I figure a girl can’t lose. And, clearly, a girl has her priorities straight (nope).

Now, what to bring to this year’s arm party?

Beets go with everything.

P.S. In case you forgot, Molly Beets. Never. Gets. Old. (To. Molly.)

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