hampden is magically delicious*

*My neighbor used these words to describe Thursday night’s snow, and I’d have to agree with her. She also said the trees are like confections, and I’d agree with that too. Too bad I was too cold to take some pictures that night because – no surprise here – Hampden looks lovely covered in snow. Instead, enjoy this snow drift picture from my front door Friday morning.


  • It snowed in Baltimore on Thursday night! A lot! More than I thought it would! It made the drive home from the gym an interesting one, but I’m hardcore so me and my Corolla were just fine. Spoiler and all. (I have no idea what spoilers are for, btw, but I do know it cracks people up when they see it. #haters)
  • I love snow, always, but it did ruin one thing for me: my first spin class of the new year. I live in Hampden (you may have heard) and Rev Cycle Studio is in McHenry Row, which isn’t super close. I’d signed up for a 6 a.m. spin class with JWG and I was all-caps excited (EXCITED) but… Mother Nature was all, “Girl, order a pizza and settle in for some snow because the only spinning you’re going to do is off of your steps when you shovel.” Boo.
  • I did get to work from home since I couldn’t get my car out of my alley (not to mention my street was a sheet of ice until mid-afternoon), so that was nice. I do my best work in my pajamas (said the blogger).
  • I also went to evening services at Beth El Congregation which was a new experience for me. I’m not Jewish, but I have an affinity for Judaism – I guess that’s the easiest way to explain it. I’m not religious, but I’ve been getting spiritual lately… which really means I’m obsessed with The Secret (law of attraction) and Gabrielle Bernstein’s philosophies so… we’ll see. But anyway, it was really, really nice. It was calming, the cantor was phenomenal and I felt like it was both a nice end to the work work and a good way to start a weekend. Sometimes I hardly know myself.


  • I got my mentoring on this Saturday and that always makes me happy. I believe the children are our future
  • I did not get my #TruetTime on this Saturday, due to said mentoring, but that’s ok for one weekend.
  • I went to a work/belated-holiday party. It’s work related, so I’ll leave those details in my brain.
  • On Sunday, I FINALLY got to take a spin class at Rev Cycle Studio and I LOVED IT. I mean – let’s be clear: it was capital-H Hard, but that’s the beauty of it. My heart-rate monitor said I burned nearly 800 calories in 60 minutes. I’m hoping to make this a regular thing, and if it becomes a regular thing, I’ll write more about it. Because I have a lot to say! And… I felt my first non-running-related “runners high,” (soooooooooo good) and I rode that baby straight through an afternoon of putting away my Christmas decorations (except for my snowmen who still have snow on them), organizing my basement storage, and lunch at Souvlaki.
  • Then I crashed hard. While watching football (sorry my Ravens). On the couch. It was glorious.
  • I met EH, LE, and BD for dinner at Arthouse. Company = A+. Pizza = A+ (the crust was to die for). Kale salad = C- (drenched in balsamic vinegar so that’s all I tasted.) It wasn’t crowded, and unlike The Baltimore Sun, I found the service to be on point. I will definitely go back. I mean, it’s literally less than a block from my house. I’m lazy and they make pizza. Done and done.

In reading this weekend’s recap, it’s clear to me that I might have a better go at losing weight if I ate out less. Living in Hampden makes that hard, but we’ll see what I can do.

For now, I’ll just chill.

New desktop wallpaper, new #mantra, new me! #selfrequest #2014 #chill

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Was your weekend a food-fest, or did you dial it down and do things like hike, knit or speed skate?


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