I mentioned yesterday that I had a dentist appointment on Thursday morning. I was all ballsy and braggy with my #CleanTeeth2014, but… would you remind me not to do that again? Because…

… nearly two hours later, I walked out with {lots of} cavities, 2 crowns (TWO!), four more appointments (FOUR!) and the suggestion to remove all four of my wisdom teeth. I mean. COME. ON.

Oh I’m sorry, did you think I was referring to the Fergie song Glamorous?

Oh, the flossy, flossy.

I’m sorry. I wish I was, but that just isn’t the case today.

The good news is I now know why it’s so important to floss like, every day. And, because my dental hygienist (shout out to Gina!) was so awesome, I now know proper flossing form. Much like spinning shoes and coffee consumption, there’s a science to it.

So, with my tail tucked behind my leg and my mouth sufficiently sore from a proper cleaning, I’m going to do as Ludacris suggests in said Glamorous song and:

So if you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home.

These dental procedures won’t pay for themselves.


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