New Year’s Day 2014

Who me? Nope. Haven't seen the missing present.

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“Who me? Nope. Haven’t seen the missing present.” – Bailey

The dog above is my mother’s dog (whom she persistently calls my “sister*”) Bailey. Bailey is a mix between a Bichon Frisé and a Yorkshire Terrier… a Yorkachon. Whatever. She looks Bichon to me.

I had a lovely New Year’s Day – did you? It started with a workout, a brunch with my mom and Aunt at Waterfront Hotel (breakfast tacos and tots. do it!), the last Christmas-gift-giving session of 2013 (I received so many nice gifts – thanks Aunt D!) where Bailey opened all of our presents for us (hence the photo above), some quality time with my favorite and only dog that I dogsit – Daisy, a frantic and failed search for spinning shoes (who knew those were a thing?) and finally a delicious left-over meal of spaghetti and meatballs (with a side of arugula and smitten kitchen’s feta salsa – thanks LM!).

I was SO EXCITED to watch the Season 4 premier of Downtown Abbey (like, so excited) but it turns out that yesterday wasn’t Sunday as I had previously thought. So I watched this instead and went to bed early for my dentist appointment in the morning. #CleanTeeth2014


One-Thought Thursday

I’ve been thinking a lot about attitude lately. Namely, my own. It boils down to this: I think my attitude stinks and I want to am ready to do something about it.

I’ve become a curmudgeon. Maybe I have been for a while. More often than not, I get so annoyed over the dumbest and most insignificant things. I’ve heard myself saying things like “I hate this,” or “Ugh, she’s awful,” or “I don’t have time to deal with this,” or “Everything will be perfect if I just…” and you know what? It’s starting to annoy me. I don’t want to be that person that finds fault/has complaints about everything! That person is a terrible person. I want to become the happiest person I know, remember?

You can laugh, but I received the following books as Christmas gifts this year, and I’m knee-deep ankle-deep in nearly all of them:

Why read one at a time when you can start them all and soak it in simultaneously (<– do as I say, not as I do. This is a terrible game plan.)

Ok, so I’m reading those books, learning to meditate (so hard!), and asking myself deep important questions (ha!) but I’m also watching some inspiring stuff, too. “The Secret,” aka the law of attraction, seems pretty legit to me, and there are so many resources out there to learn and listen to more.

True story – before having read The Secret and only having heard about it on Oprah, I once suggested that a frustrated co-worker read it/watch it on Oprah and was nearly laughed out of the office. (It was either that, or because I wore leggings to work. That was frowned upon by said friends (who are legging-wearing freaks now, btw.) Having been in a frustrating job situation or two since then, I can understand now how I should have framed my “advice” better, but my heart was in the right place, yes?

Along those lines, I just discovered (what took me so long) Maire Forleo and her YouTube channel MarieTv recently and I’m loving it… and her. It’s somewhat silly and hammy, but it’s also easy-todigest wisdom and guidance that I can totally get behind. And I find myself laughing when viewing these no-more-than-10-minute (usually less) videos, so how can that be bad? EXACTLY. This one really fits in with my theme here, so why not share?

So, for serious now, I’m going to keep reading, learning and practicing good law of attraction. I’m going to say – out loud – positive things, articulate what I want and keep those thoughts in my mind when I feel those tired, useless, empty-2013 thoughts creep out of my mouth.

To you, 2013, I say BOO, YOU WHORE! (Ok, that was slightly aggressive and not what I’m going for in this post, but you get where I’m coming from, yes?)

Here’s to a happy 2014 full of life, love and tacos.



* Only children and their mothers are weird, aren’t they?


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