What I *Think* About When I *Think* About Running: July 20, 2013

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running is a great book by Haruki Murakami that further catapulted me down the road to my “run love.” I tweaked it a bit to use is as a vehicle to dump my “deep thoughts had while running long.” I’m so clever, and you’re so welcome.

I only had six miles on my schedule for yesterday’s “long run.” I am thankful for this, because running in the heat is hard. Duh. That said, my poor running fitness made this run… less than ideal. I had some GI issues – the less said the better – and I had to make THREE pit stops. And then my right foot went numbish so… all around, not a great effort. But I did it, and then had a one-hour strength-training session with my trainer at noon, so I’m pleased with today’s athletic endeavors.

Why am I sharing? Because I spent a lot of time thinking about “bad runs” and “slow runs” and it made me realize something.

When I started running, I did Couch to 5k (it’s amazing) and I only ran on the treadmill at the gym. I didn’t want to run outside because I was sure I looked ridiculous. When I finished the Couch to 5k program, I knew I had to take it outside because I’d signed-up for a road race and, well, you can’t do those inside! Duh. So I started running outside, at the beach, at night. It felt more safe. As I gained my courage, I started running in the daylight and realized HOW MUCH BETTER IT IS TO RUN OUTSIDE. (I now hate the treadmill like almost everyone else I know.)

When I think back to that time, a whopping 1.5 years ago, I feel sad for me. I tortured myself on a treadmill because I was afraid I looked silly? That I ran too slow? That I wasn’t a real runner? MOLLY! Come on now.

We all look ridiculous when running (except this guy) so I am here to let you know that no matter how ridiculous you think you look, no one cares. Runners love supporting other runners. Non-runners are just jealous they aren’t running. And the fear of being the last one in a pack of runners? That was me today. And guess what? I survived. No one cared, and I got my miles done. Nothing to fear – see?

So I guess what I’m saying is this: if you want to run, but you’re too scared to try because you’re scared to being too slow, the last one in the group or that you’ll look ridiculous – don’t be any of those things! If all else fails, know you’re probably going faster – and looking better – than me!!


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