The No-Allergy-Medication-Allowed Itch


I am currently on a no-allergy-medicine-at-all holiday in preparation for an(other) allergy test on July 22. I have to have all of the medicine out of my system to garner the most accurate results. I started on Monday, July 15 and will (GLADLY!) take my meds again post-test on Monday, July 22. In the meantime…

I itch.


I itch between my toes, around my ear, on my neck, my elbow and the inside of my cheek. And other less dignified locations.

At first it’s hot, then it’s burning, then it’s itchy… which is uncomfortable but not unbearable. Then it becomes all consuming. A scratch here, a massage there, and suddenly I feel like my body is on fire.

I can’t concentrate on anything but the itch. How do people survive this one-week period? There’s no way I’m the first to experience such all-consuming discomfort – right?

Reading about the what and why is comforting, at the start, but ultimately it does nothing to make. it. stop.

And all I want to do is make. it. stop.

Day 1 of the no-allergy-medicines-until-July-22 was rough. Here’s hoping Day 2 gets better.

If you have any natural suggestions to relieve dermatographia or angioedema until I can get my test done, I’m all ears. Please, share your wisdom!

P.S. Remember when I first got my diagnosis? #itchyMolly was a mess then, too. Obvs.

(Photo source: Ryan McGuire)

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