Baltimore Half Marathon Training 2013: Week 1

Photo from the finish of last year’s Baltimore Running Festival. I couldn’t smile any harder if I tried.

“In the beginning you likely say, ‘I run.’ With more confidence, you say, ‘I am a runner.'”
Gloria Averbuch

Since I am all about the positive reinforcement, I’d like to go ahead and congratulate myself on a successful Week 1 of half-marathon training. It really doesn’t matter that Week 1 only consisted of one run and one cross-training session, right? RIGHT.

  • Saturday “long run:” five miles, CHECK. But boy was I reminded about how humbling and honest running makes you. I haven’t run more than 3-4 miles in AGES, so this was a wake-up call that was definitely needed. Still – nothing beats Baltimore-Inner-Harbor running the first thing on a Saturday morning. I’ll hae to bring my iPhone next time and snap some pictures. It really is beautiful.
  • Saturday Strength Training: #TruetTime, check. I know I’m an idiot for doing this a mere three hours post-long run, but when Truet is free, Molly schedules a session. Basically, this means I’m worthless after 1 p.m. on Saturday (unless provided with a shower and loooooooooooooong nap.)
  • Sunday active recovery: 1.5 hours of yoga, I haven’t been to a proper yoga class (practice?) since March and boy did it feel like it. I went to the 11:15 a.m. class at Charm City Yoga: Midtown and worked hard during a very hot, very sweaty and very rewarding session. A/C is for wimps! (Ask me if I’m this enthusiastic after this week’s heat wave. Nope.)

So, congratulations Molly!

Life is chaotic and uncontrollable and – at times – downright frustrating. But I can control my health and fitness (to a certain extent) so I’m excited to finally get half-marathon training off and running for another cycle. The Baltimore Half Marathon is no joke – it’s hilly and demanding but oh! so! rewarding. I’m going for a PR. I’m excited, but I’ll have to work for it. This should help:

This new-to-me beverage will 100% be my new post-long or post-hard run beverage. Coconut water + espresso = why-didn’t-i-think-of-that brilliance. (It’ also has some reduced fat milk – so protein!) Plus, as I mentioned on instagram, I’m 100% sure it would also work wonders on a hangover situation. Worth noting, yes?

One other thing I should mention: Today starts day 1 of 7 wherein I forego all of my allergy medications to prep for an allergy test next Monday. Apologies if you have to work with me during that seven-day span of time as I will most likely be out of my mind itchy, sneezy and, therefore IRRITABLE. (really, I’m so sorry)

Also: It’s going to be crazy hot and crazy humid in Baltimore this week. Spectacular.

Ok – time for setting intentions, aka “Say It, Do It,” aka SIDI:

  • Monday: 3 mile run
  • Tuesday: timed mile and 4x800s (a fancy way of saying four 1/2 mile runs at a targeted pace (fast!) with 30 seconds rest in between)
  • Wednesday: #TruetTime (Truet is my trainer and he’s amazing. Hopefully he’ll let me write more on him later. I don’t know if he will – I have to ask.)
  • Thursday: 4 miles with 2 at HM (half marathon) pace… AKA Thursdays in the Park with Emily (wherein I do my tempo run and help get my friend Emily ready as she preps to train for her first half marathon EVER!)
  • Friday: REST DAY! (heck yeah)
  • Saturday: long run, 6-8 miles (long is relative, people) AND #TruetTime
  • Sunday: long walk on the beach

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