This Training Cycle, I Will…

… run with a running group again. I do better with groups – they keep me motivated!

… log my workouts – especially the running – on Daily Mile. (follow me!) Accountability is key for me, and must be reinforced with multiple posts/updates in multiple locations.

… respect the distance. If I learned anything from today’s “long run” (a mere five miles), it’s that running is hard, and if you don’t run consistently, your running fitness will reflect that. You get what you give, simple as that.

… eat, hydrate and fuel smartly. No one loves a post-run brunch fest more than me, but eating nothing pre-run, then scarfing down all the foods post-run does not make for a weight-management win. I know what to eat and when to eat it, so do it, lady!

Mostly, though, I’ll have a good time… because the fact is: no one is making me run. I chose to run because I love it!

A & M after my first run
(Photo of me and teammate A after finishing leg 1 of 3 during January’s Ragnar Relay: Miami to Key West.)

I run because it makes me feel strong and powerful, it clears my head, grounds my soul, introduces me to the nicest/craziest/most inspiring people and builds my confidence. If it’s no longer fun, then it’s time to chill. But that time is not now.


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