Patriotic Flamingo Day

(aka – How I Celebrated The Fourth of July, 2013 style.)

Living in Hampden is like living in a very special corner of the world where no one is ever going to judge you (no, really… they won’t) – especially when it comes to lawn-decoration ornaments.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that, for the obvious reasons. (See: patriotic flamingo above) HOW AMAZING IS MY PATRIOTIC FLAMINGO?!?!? #JustCantGetEnough

Last year, and for basically every Fourth of July for the past twenty? twenty five? years, I’ve been in my beloved Fenwick Island, Delaware. That wasn’t in the cards this year, but not to worry – I had a great time kickin’ in, Baltimore style.

First up? A run! Naturally. One of my good family-friends, E, has recently taken up running, busted out a few 5ks and signed-up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. She’s nervous and excited and is filled with questions (just like I was!) and we met a couple of weeks ago to talk about running (my favorite thing ever). I convinced her that, since her half was in February 2014, if she started “training” now, she’d burn out and more than likely injure herself. BECAUSE I’M A DOCTOR AND RUNNING EXPERT, I KNOW THESE THINGS. So, I agreed to run with her after-work every Thursday where we’d work on getting a good 3-5 mile base down so when she does start training in late October, she’ll be all set.

I’ve learned many, many things about myself and my relationship with running over the past year, but some of the most important things I’ve learned are:

  1. I burn-out if I sign-up for too many races (running = chore and is no longer fun)
  2. Running with people/groups is instrumental for my enjoyment (even when we don’t talk)
  3. I prefer running in the heat v. the cold (WEIRD, right? Who am I?)

My Baltimore Half-Marathon training is right around the corner (I’ll be training with Charm City Run again – they are the best!), and I’ve kept a good five-mile base to work from, but not really a single step more. So there’s that. You could say I have much to work on, and you’d be correct. But I’m really looking forward to that challenge.

More on my relationship with running, health and fitness to come in future posts. Let’s get back to the Fourth of July! (See? You get me started with all this “running” talk and you can’t shut me up. My IRL friends know this all too well.)

Post-run with E and post-shower (man did I stink!), I hit up the grocery store to create my contribution to the Fourth of July Feast: the Oasis Salad. (This salad combo is one of the very few good things that came from my last job. I basically ate it every day for the greater part of two years.)

  • mesclun salad greens
  • red onion
  • cherry tomato
  • cucumber
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • toasted pecans
  • mandarin oranges
  • balsamic vinaigrette

It’s even better with grilled chicken on top. Pinky.

Then, I headed downtown. It was so effing hot out that simply walking from my car to the condo where we were celebrating basically drenched me in sweat. Still you can’t beat the view, am I right?

#baltimore you're beautiful, don't change #fourthofjuly #innerharbour

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Here’s what happened next:

Many Biden-approved beverages were consumed:

Cheers Champ #fourthofjuly #biden #baltimore #patriotic #ilovebidensosomuch

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Bailey stalked the food-making process:


We watched the firework barge roll in, and we sang a love song to Baltimore as the sun set…

… and we readied for the fireworks. (I’m always meh about fireworks, but even I can’t argue with how pretty they look over my fair city.)



By the end of the day, even the pup was pooped:


Thank you, Baltimore, for a fantastic Fourth of July.


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