Cold Brewed Iced Tea Bag Jackpot

cold brewed iced tea bags by twinings of london

Last week, during a quick business visit to DC, my coworker and I discussed the gloriousness of Pret A Manger’s black tea (omg soooooo good), my coffee addiction, kicking my Diet Coke addiction and the art of home brewing iced tea. She is totally into iced tea and recommended Twinings of London’s cold brewed iced tea bags. Say what? Cold-brewed tea bags EXIST? I NEED PROOF.

Well, that was fast.

This coworker brought in the “English Classic” for me to sample and it really did knock my socks off. So much so, that I spent the greater part of this past weekend looking to purchase my own box. I’ll have you know that Wegmans, Safeway AND Whole Foods all let me down. But you know who didn’t let me down? Said coworker. Today, she brought me in this:

twinings in a box

The makes her one of the most thoughtful people ever. And a mind reader.

If you’re into cold-brewing iced tea by the cup, I highly recommend Twinings. The English Classic is my favorite so far, but peach is making a strong play for my heart. (Liz, get on it girl.)


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