“I’m Doing A Cleanse!” says everyone, everywhere

(This should be obvious, given my relatively small readership, but this post is far from a sponsored post. I just did a little research on cleanses, costs and ingredients… and decided on Pressed Juicery. Easy. Peasy.)

I have terrible allergies. When I was younger, it manifested in breath-taking challenges (it triggered asthma, throat would itch and swell, etc.), stuffed and running noses (they would alternate – super helpful. nope.), wheezing (oh! the wheezing) and swollen eyes. It’s a wonder I had friends with all that pretty going on. Lesson: keep me the eff away from your cats and we’re cool.

These days, while my allergies are still terrible and I’d rather stick a six-inch heel slowly and directly into my eyeball than come face-to-face with a Siamese cat (why are these cats the WORST with my allergies?), they’re a little less of an issue. Only a little. Maybe it has something to do with being an adult and being able to select where I breathe. (As opposed to how my parents made me go to all those cat-owner houses when I was young… I’d spend 80% of the time wheezing outside, 10% trying to convince them that we can NEVER GO BACK TO THERE AGAIN and 10% of the time writing in my diary about how OMG MY PARENTS ARE THE WORST I HOPE THEY GET ALLERGIES ONE DAY AND SUFFER LIKE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.)

I just re-read all that and realized the following: I’d be a much better blogger if I got to the point already. You like it.

So my allergies are less of an issue in that it’s not always a five-alarm fire anytime I come into contact with something on my long list of allergies. BUT (and you knew there was a but) I have developed new symptoms in the form of red, hot and highly-visible rashes all over my body. These appear all the time. For no apparent reason. From a light skin touch, a head scratch, a brush of a hair out of my face… EVERYTHING. And it was, at first, funny, but now it’s interfering with my life. I hate not knowing where my “hives” (not the official name) have popped up. If I’m mid-convo with someone important (Britney Spears!) this can and does get awkward.

So obviously I googled and webmd’d my symptoms and nothing really came of it. I did, however, read plenty of suggestions about doing a cleanse to get your body back to the basics. You then slowly add another food group in post-cleanse to see what I may react to. The theory is, I have more food allergies as an adult (true: bananas, portobello mushrooms, walnuts, plums, etc.) and I react to those more physically that I do to cat, mold, grass, leaves, dog dander, scented-candles, etc.

Enter Pressed Juicery.

While I was once 100% against cleanses (ok, 80% against ’em), I now understand how they could work FOR ME. I needed to reset for both my allergies and my health. I’m back on the weight-loss train, and while I do not expect to lose any weight (other than maybe water weight) from this, I want to rid myself of my nasty caffeine and carb cravings. This will help.

Also, I wouldn’t mind if all of this happened, too:

#inspire #pressedjuicery #quotes #healthy #strong #instagood #instadaily #livelife

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Further, aren’t I always talking about getting back to my (Chilean) roots?

(Better than five pounds of pretty much anything else, right?)

So the stars aligned and here I am on the eve of my first cleanse. I’m going to blog the whole thing because everyone else is doing it, and because it will help keep me honest and true to myself and the process. Sometimes I’m such a liar, so I need the accountability that can come only from the internet. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram with #mollydetoxy (<– I'm the cleverest.)

So, what’s in store? I took the little quiz on the Pressed Juicery website and determined that I should take Cleanse 2 – Detoxify:

Our most popular juice cleanse! We recommend Cleanse 2 to more experienced cleansers (whether you’ve tried our juice cleanse or another brand before) who take good care of themselves—making the effort to eat whole foods and work out a couple times a week. It is perfect for those who would like a deep cleanse but are not quite ready for a juice cleanse as intense as Cleanse 3.

You get to drink six juices a day, plus an aloe vera drink for before bedtime and a chlorophyll drink to sip on throughout the day. Most other cleanses I researched were five juices a day, and MORE IS BETTER (didn’t we learn that from this commercial?). Another great thing about Pressed Juicery is that you can select the juices you want. Here’s what I went with:

Pressed Juicery Beverage Selection

I have another post coming tomorrow about my two-day preparations for the cleanse. Hint: It was FAR MORE INTENSE than I though it would be – perhaps because I had just returned from a destination wedding (in Shreveport, settle down) and therefore had nothing in my house to eat.

If you’ve ever done a cleanse or have tips/tricks/survival mechanisms, please share. I’m only on day two of no caffeine and I’ve come uncomfortably close to punching myself in my own face due to my crankiness. Gracias.

P.S. Speaking of Siamese Cats, this is one of my most favorite Disney songs EVER:


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