Always a Flower Girl, Never a Bridesmaid

I’ve been in six weddings. Six. All but one were before age eight, so I guess you could say I really rocked the early eighties hard. I mean, with this face:


… who could resist? So that begs the question, have you been a bridesmaid before?

Answer: No.

I know, right? It’s the classic tale: Always a flower girl, never a bridesmaid.

I can’t complain. I hear my friends b*tch and moan and I get it 100%. But I’m excited to head out of town to celebrate one of my best friends since FIRST GRADE (1986, y’all)…

… in a city and state that I’ve never been to before: SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA!

Turns out, Shreveport is nowhere near New Orleans, Baton Rouge or Kentwood (home of Britney Spears, duh). We’re even flying into Dallas, Texas and driving three hours because the Shreveport airport really isn’t that accessible to Baltimore. While initially disappointing, I’ve found the silver lining. I call it: crawfish. Stay tuned for more on that front.

Until then, let me know if you’ve been to Shreveport, Dallas or any of the towns in between… I’d love and appreciate any/all suggestions for must-dos, must-sees and, most importantly, must eats.

Giddy Up!


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