Easter Makes Me Angry

Halloween – we can all agree – is the best holiday.

Happy Halloween from my Happy Haunted House in Hampden

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I’d follow Halloween with Christmas, then Sukkot, The Fourth of July, and then Hannukah.

Contrary to my love of all-things Judaism, I’m actually not Jewish. Technically, I’m Methodist or Episcopalian, but in reality I’m really not anything. I describe myself as a lover of tradition, not necessarily religion. But whatever, you know? I’m evolving and not close-minded to anything.

Ok. So. I was in a horrible mood on Saturday. And there wasn’t a good reason. There really wasn’t. I went for a run. I went to the gym. I went outside in the beautiful weather. But still couldn’t shake that bad mood vibe. And then I realized it:

I really don’t like Easter. It makes me angry.

I know, right? What’s wrong with me? What makes someone hate a holiday? Reasons I can think of:

  1. My extreme dislike for the traditional food (in the case of Easter: generic jelly beans and Peeps – nasty!),
  2. Something traumatic happened,
  3. My dislike for the traditional colors (Pastel colors are the worst),
  4. Something traumatic happend,
  5. My dislike for the traditional food (Ham with cloves, scalloped potatoes), or
  6. Something traumatic happend.

I racked my brain, talked to my parents, and the only thing thing we could come up with was The Rabbit with Rabies.

Have I never told you this story before? Listen up: One Easter, I think I was ten or 11, my parents gave me a bunny rabbit for Easter. I was STOKED (though I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t remember the bunny’s name). This bunny lived in crate outside. It was elevated and by a fence, and ok – maybe in hindsight it wasn’t the best pet-care scenario – but we did everything we could to keep it safe… we thought.

Clearly, we didn’t do enough, as the bunny was bitten by some kind of wildlife, bit my dad, had rabies, and had to be put to sleep (the bunny, not my dad). I still remember watching animal control coming into my backyard while I was at home with the babysitter. Talk about trauma.

So… mystery solved? Is this why I hate Easter? Or am I just one Peep away from a total meltdown?


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