Over Committed

While I try and wait patiently to figure out what the heck is right around the corner waiting for me, that doesn’t mean I’m just staying put, physically waiting for it.

No, sir.

First of all, I hate waiting. This is why I’m usually late to everything. Whenever I’m early, I end up waiting for other people and that’s soooooooooooo annoying. And yes – I’m aware of how awful and self-involved that sounds. I’m working on it, but not too hard.

Plus, I’m so busy (who isn’t?) these days that by the time Friday rolls around, I’m too exhausted to do much of anything other than hit the gym and then hit the hay (with a glass or two of Chianti in the mix). It’s so lame it’s cool, right?


You know, typically – radio silence on my end usually means there’s some behind-the-scenes drama going on. Sadly, that is the case this time around. I’m not going to talk about it here because 1) that’s not why you read my blog, and 2) a lady has her secrets. Plus, this one is all drama and no fun. I pinky.

So I think I established I’m busy. And lame. And I sleep a lot. But I do other things, too. Like run. You may have heard me mention it a time or two. This blog is slowly morphing into an ode to running, so it’s best not to fight it.

Do you want to know which spring races I’ve signed myself up for? YOU DO? Coincidence: I was going to tell you! It’s your lucky day.

I went bonkers with the spring race registration because I needed a way to keep my running on point during this cold and windy and cold, cold, cold winter.

Summer Bodies are Earned in the Winter

Someone really needs to tell my body that, btw, because here we are in “spring,” and I seem to have retained all my winter insulation. NO MATTER.

I got things started off in 2013 with my very first running relay:
Ragnar: Miami to Key West, 2013

Spoiler Alert: It was amazing. Duh.

As I am nothing if not a procrastinator, I have yet to write my official recap. I’m still going to do it, and I’ll update the link here when that happens, because I don’t ever want to forget that crazy/beautiful experience. I would for sure do it again, but this time with twice the number of showers (as in, I didn’t shower at all, not once, nope, huh uh, no) and much less stressing about the 11.8-mile evening run.

After Ragnar, I wanted to take a one month break, and then hit training hard. When I told my running-coach, he pretty much laughed in my face. Only it was over email, so I can’t be sure. But laughing was implied.

Why? Well to start, I’m running two half marathons back-to-back starting with the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC on April 28…

Nike Women's half marathon 2013 DC… followed one week later with the Frederick half marathon:

Frederick Running Festival 2013

… on May 5. CINCO DE MAYO. My former coworker and running friend GS suggested I run it in a sombrero. Silly gringo. That doesn’t even make sense.

Oh, and right before the Nike Women’s Half, I signed-up for the lottery for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and actually was accepted. For the second year in a row.

Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run 2013

Thankfully, reason took over, and I transferred my registration to a friend, IS. He was psyched, I got out of it and everyone wins! I know I’ll register for it next year, and then not get selected the year I can actually run it. Such is life.

Except I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t turn around and register for ANOTHER race. This time, the Sole of the City 10k on April 20. Yes, the weekend before my first of two back-to-back halfs (halves?).

Are you still with me? If not, let me summarize: Molly = Idiot.

The inaugural Sole of the City 10k was last year and I had so much fun running it. Proof. So why not sign-up again? I’m not going to race it, just run it nice and even as a tempo run for the next weekend’s half.

After May 5, I think I’m gonna chill with the running, maintain a 5-mile base, and work on other things until July… when I gear up for round 2 with this guy:


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So yes. You could say I’m over committed. I’d have to agree with you. But running has changed my life, so I can’t say I’d have it any other way.

If you’re running one/all/any of these races, let me know! We can meet-up and maybe YOU can tell me what it is I’m waiting so patiently for.


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