We’re Here (Because We’re Here)

I wrote the post below on February 18. FEBRUARY 18. And then, I didn’t post it. Until over a month later. But I think I was getting at something good, so I’m gonna go ahead and post it today (with a few additions) because I think the same question applies to my mental status today. The important thing to remember is this: I was not sick last week. I was sick the week of February 11. The end.

When one is literally falling apart at the seams – as in, you have a cold – it’s easy for one to fall into that trap of OMG-WHERE-IS-MY-LIFE-GOING-I-DON’T-DO-ANYTHING-PRODUCTIVE-AND-WHY-CAN’T-I-FIND-MY-FAVORITE-WATCH-OH-LOOK-MY-NOSE-IS-DRIPPING-AND-I-DIDN’T-EVEN-KNOW-IT-HOT-COLD-SWEATY-ACHY-MAD-SAD-SNEEZE. Ya with me?

I had that kind of day every day last week.

(BTW – The Following is awesome, and mad props for all the Edgar Allen Poe references, but holy hell is it scary.)

Today… today is finally a bit better. I don’t quite feel like my life is in a sudden free fall as I was wont to feel this whole past week. My weekend was a train-wreck of over-scheduling, but at least I could alternate breathing out of each nostril. PROGRESS!

So where are we? A lot of things and a lot of nothing has happened since the last time I updated you:

What else is there? Life is pretty good.

Hey thanks, valentine. #officeart #ravens #superbowlchamps

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We’re here, after all.


What is that part of us that always feels like more is coming? Is that just my body, wishing for spring? Is it my age: 33 going on 13 but, really not at all? Is it the lonely Sunday vibe? You know – the one where you went for a run, went grocery shopping, cleaned up a little, watched CBS Sunday Morning News, read the NY Times (only the good bits), went to yoga… only to crumble into a pit of despair?? You don’t do that? Me neither. Stop staring at me.

What is it?

I hate being so cliche, but I feel like it’s just around the river bend… so close I can taste it. But WHAT THE HECK IS IT?

First one to tell me gets a Ray Lewis cupcake, on the house!


P.S. Only nine more days until Opening Day for Orioles baseball. Let’s get after it, Orioles!

Love. 🐦🏈 🐤⚾ #badbirdsofbaltimore

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