Catching You Up on a Whole Lotta Nothin’

I’m popping in today to write something… anything… because I really hate that my last post is about the prettiest dress from this year’s blah blah Oscars. I mean seriously? And I call myself a blogger?

No, no I do not. And you shouldn’t either.

The only thing worse than not blogging for a while is talking about not blogging for a while, so I won’t do that. What I will do is attempt to fill you in on that-which-I-deem noteworthy while sharing with you this neat little thing a newspaper from The Best City in the World hosted last week: #PictureThis13.

What does that mean?

Today’s our annual day for community photography! Tag your photos from in and around #Baltimore with#picturethis13. Whether it’s your morning commute, a favorite spot you pass each day or an abstract image you snap while in traffic, we want to see it! We’ll feature them on and in print on March 25.

I intended to be much more diligent than I actually was, but a lady does have to work, you know? So I only took a handful.

Every morning I wake up, before I put on my make up… I take a look at my view of a Hampden sunrise.

Commute. #garbagetruck #Rolandand40th #baltimore #picturethis13

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Commute. #garbagetruck #Rolandand40th

View from my office window. Hello #johnshopkinsuniversity!

Some say these halls are haunted with spirits from the #MarineHospital and/or #baltimore U.S. Public Health Service #Hospital days. Just in case, I’m never the last one alone here.

3 p.m. Challenge: color! The view from my desk shows my favorite #baltimore, created by a #MICA student. #OriolesOrange

Ride home from the gym. #FallsRoad #hampden #baltimore #picturethis13

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Ride home from the gym. #FallsRoad #hampden

I had fun with it, and learned that I have a long way to go to improve my iPhone-photo-snapping skillz. Noted.

What else am I into?

I KNOW! Jacoby Jones (#12, Ravens, duh) on Dancing with the Stars:

He couldn’t be any cuter if he tried, and I really think that he’s got a shot based on #TeamBaltimore support alone! This has basically summarized my (sad, sorry) Monday night for the past two weeks:

Yes, I did. #teamjacoby #teambaltimore #dwts

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Now, I know I am the one that brought up the Ravens, but I still do not want to talk about losing Anquan Boldin, Krugar, Ellerbe and/or Ed Reed. I just can’t. I trust Ozzie, but I’m so not qualified to understand this whole process, so I’m going to stay mum on the whole thing and believe that those who make the decisions know what’s up.

Speaking of sports, I’m flat-out obsessed with the new Under Armour Brand Store in Harbor East (Baltimore). Every time I walk in there (I’ve made about eight visits since they opened… not too long ago), I come up minus $100. WHO DO I THINK I AM? It’s just… I’m a sucker for hometown goods:

Some of my @underarmour swag. Obsessed with the brand house! #baltimore @cdulin

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Just a slice of my recent swag.

I’m an advertisers dream – I’ve always said that. Tell me that my favorite celebrity likes a certain kind of shampoo, I will buy it. Tell me my least favorite celebrity likes a certain brand of water, I will dehydrate rather than drink it (*cough* Jennifer Aniston, Smart Water *cough*). I’m so stupid predictable like that. So, if you slap Baltimore or Ravens or Orioles or Hampden or the Maryland flag on some workout gear… I’M ON IT.

There’s comfort in routine, yes?

Add in a ridiculous amount of running (yup – still doing that), a super-busy work day and lots of home-repair (finally getting around to fixing those pesky super storm Sandy damages) and you’ve got me. Today. On March 26, 2013.



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