Hampden Named One of Baltimore’s Hottest Neighborhoods for 2013

Some good news for Hampdenites today:

Among Baltimore’s neighborhoods, the hip community of Hampden is forecast to see the most home value appreciation this year, according to data-driven real estate search website Zillow.

Home values in that North Baltimore district should see a 4.2 percent increase over the next 12 months, according to a report the firm recently released. Zillow considers an annual appreciation of about 3 percent to be the national norm.

Hampden is hot! I like it. Plus, my home mortgage is way cheaper than my rent for a studio (!) apartment was in DC. I call that a win.

Not reported in the article was the following not-at-all-scientific study conducted by my eyeballs which reports that the “hip community of Hampden” also saw a decrease in the number of women-who-smoke-and-stay-out-all-night-with-their-babies-in-a-carriage-while-pregnant. But, like I said, it’s super not-at-all scientific. And it’s been really cold out lately.

the real housewives of hampden t-shirt

the real housewives of hampden

Cute shirt, right?

From a previous article in The Baltimore Sun:

In Hampden, people have been chuckling over the “Real Housewives of Hampden” shirts sold at Kiss n’ Make-up, a shop on The Avenue. Debbie Stoll, the owner, said the concept, depicting women pole dancing, shooting a gun, pushing a stroller and smoking while pregnant, was her husband Malcolm’s idea.

“We were wondering if it would offend anybody in Hampden,” Stoll said. But Hampdenites, she said, “seem to be the ones who find them the most amusing.”

She agreed that the humor was self-deprecating. “I tend to say to people, ‘it’s funny because it’s true,'” Stoll said. “As Baltimoreans, we’re very good at laughing at ourselves.”

To buy your very own Real Housewives of Hampden t-shirt, please visit Kiss n’ Make-up – a shop found, where else?, on The Avenue, hon.


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