Happy Chanukah from Your Friendly #CluelessChristian

Two menorahs... That's how maryland does chanukah

Two #menorahs… That’s how #maryland does #chanukah. #thirdnight

I love Chanukah more than most non-Jews I know. I really can’t help it. There is so much tradition!

Who doesn’t love a good Fiddler on the Roof blog break?

Anyway, I also love Chanukah because there are candles, there is singing, there is family and there is great food. Do you really need much more to make a great holiday?

Answer: No. No you don’t.

Let me draw your attention back to the food:

Chanukah dinner

Two cheeses and grainy-delicious crackers, kugul, tuna cakes, black bean cakes, latkas with appleasauce AND sour cream and saltines. Unpictured: taco salad (meatless, natch), kosher wine from Chile (my contribution, duh), an array of desserts that would make your blood sugar rise, and other things I cannot remember at this moment.

Our good family friends R and B always invite us #CluelessChristians to celebrate the major Jewish holidays with them. Actually, they invite us to celebrate all the Jewish holidays with them. We joke all the time that I celebrate more Jewish holidays than my Jewish friends. I take great pride in this.

You know who also takes pride in her Chanukah? Tillie the miniature schnauzer:

Tilly the miniature schnauzer on chanukah

Happy Chanukah to you, Miss Tillie.

How cute is she? She has a sister, Goldie (not pictured), and the two of them love having guests over. I like to think it’s because they love me, but really, they love food, and guests means dinner at the dining room table… which means that when people get up from their chairs, they can get onto them. When they get on the chairs, they get better access to all the food. ALL THE FOOD. #SchnauzerWin

This year, Tillie behaved herself and just watched the food. Other years and other holidays… we haven’t been so lucky. But she’s cute, so she gets away with it.

latkes platter

The cutest latkes platter you ever did see.

Upon closer examination of the food spread, you’ll note the adorable latkes platter. I. Was. Obsessed. I can’t really tell you why. I think it’s because the little figures on it looked so friendly, and because the man was holding a fiddle. See previous Fiddler on the Roof obsession mentioned above. One of my twitter/instagram (but not real life, because that would be weird… jk!) friends commented on my instagram, “Those guys are adorable! Who are they? #cluelesschristian” and I only wish I knew the answer. Jewish readers: Are they actual figures that represent something, or are they just meant to be cute?

Anyway, the meal concluded with many, many sweets… but this one was my favorite for obvious, chocolate-chip based reasons:

chocolate chip chanukah cake

chocolate chip Chanukah cake

Look, I’m not terribly religious – if religious at all – but if you’re asking me to convert to Judiasm… you got it. Based on Latkes Larry, Hanukkah Harry, and the adorable latkes platter alone.

Happy Chanukah!


2 thoughts on “Happy Chanukah from Your Friendly #CluelessChristian

  1. love this! but you may have missed the best part…there are candles, there is singing, there is family and there is great food FOR EIGHT NIGHTS! Happy Hunnukah to you!

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