Let the Royal Baby Watching Committee Come to Order

Yes, I just created a new committee and yes, you can join me. Which Royal is pregnant, you ask? Please. Like it’s even a question about which Royal offspring I care most about:

Kate Middleton Is Pregnant, Kate Middleton Is Pregnant, Palace Confirms—Everybody Remain Calm

I’m dying. DY-ING with excitement. This is going to be so fun for me. The “very acute morning sickness” doesn’t sound like it’s as much fun, but I’m glad she’s taking care of herself and getting the help she needs.

My mom called me the instant she found out (she without a computer or internet) and we spent a good 20 minutes wondering: If we send a baby gift, would it ever actually reach Wills and Cate? And then, a moment of clarity snapped me back into focus, I resolved to donate to Every Mother Counts (which I will do on payday since HOLY COW the holidays are expensive), and I carried on with my Royal baby obsession.

One of my friends posted this on Facebook, and I fell into a worm hole of Royal-baby goodness.

Enjoy a couple of the snapshots I pulled out, and click the link to see ’em all!

Queen Elizabeth and baby Charles When Queen Elizabeth became a mother in 1948, she was just 22 years old—Charles was born almost exactly a year after she married Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, although, controversially, Charles legally took Elizabeth’s Windsor surname and not his father’s (Mountbatten). He was just five weeks old when this photograph was taken. Source: POPPERFOTO/GETTY IMAGES.

Princess Diana, Charles, and William Less than a year after their wedding date—just like Elizabeth and Philip before them—Charles and Diana greeted the throngs outside St. Mary’s Hospital in London with their new son, William Arthur Philip Louis, on June 21, 1982. Source: LEFT, BY PRINCESS DIANA ARCHIVE/GETTY IMAGES; RIGHT, BY ANWAR HUSSEIN.


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