How Molly Got Her Groove Back

In the grand tradition of actually blogging on my blog, I decided to update you a bit more on this past weekend and today. It’s crazy exciting, so hold on to your hats.

After my long-run on Saturday, I regained my confidence in long-distance running. That’s kind of important because I’m running the Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half Marathon on Saturday. While I initially thought that it would be a great race to aim for a PR… now, I kinda just want to finish. My October and November didn’t necessarily go as planned – in between jobs, jury duty for 1.5 weeks, Superstorm Sandy creating six leaks in my roof and messing up (minimally) the beach house (I’m definitely not complaining. I promise I have perspective here.), adopting –> becoming allergic to –> fostering the two cutest shih tzu sisters EVER:

Sisterwives. Just kidding?

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… starting a new job, hitting the ground running, daylight savings time making all my outside hours dark ones, and crazy asthma irritation… well, it just sort of left me not long running. Like, at all. I did only two “long runs” (I use that term lightly since eight and nine miles isn’t really all that long when you have 13.1 to run) since mid-October’s half marathon success, and my mental game was weeeeeeak. But I’m back baby, and excited to test my mental and physical fortitude this weekend.

rehoboth half marathon

Plus – I’ll get to see my dad AND go outlet Christmas shopping. And you can’t hate on that.

Yeah – so I ran with two friends from this summer’s training group and it was fun! And then I met another Shih Tzu that stole my heart and broke it into a million pieces:

I fell in love with (another) #shihtzu #Scooter

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(His name is Scooter, but I call him Scoot Scoot because I nickname everything.)

Don’t worry – I didn’t adopt him. He had people all over him, so I think he’ll be fine. For now, after my AM-I-ALLERGIC-TO-SHIH-TZUS-NOW scare, I’m a little hesitant to jump directly back in. We’ll get me there. Until then, gratuitous Ebbitt pic:

@EbbittTheDog cools off

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Miss you, little Ebby.


I also went to a BINGO fundraiser at my high school (3rd annual and one of my most favorite events… truly!), and while none of my classmates at my table won a single thing,

Literally not. one. square.

… we still had a good time, drank a lot of wine, enjoyed catching up,


and generally ruled the school, like we did back in (gulp) 1998.

SPSG Alumnae at BInGO

SPOT THE CLASS OF 1998. (I’m one of the few who forgot it was Ravens themed. Oops.)

Which reminds me, my 15-year high school reunion is next year. YIKES.

My Sunday started off amazing…

#beastmode #ravens #baltimore

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… until the Ravens v. Steelers game ended (WTF Ravens). That’s all I want to say about that.

Today, at work, I had a crazy busy/crazy beautiful day. It was so good to be so busy doing WORK THAT I LOVE! and was only accented by lunch at Kooper’s Tavern (horray for the business lunch – a new thing for me) on a beautiful and unseasonably warm day.

While I’m thinking about it – did anyone else have crazy chapped lips today? I was slathering on chapstick all freakin day, and man my lips are still feeling thirsty.

Oh – and one more thing: I registered for the Maryland Double. What’s that?

Over 2000 runners have registered to “do the Double” since its inception in 2007, competing in a distance event at both the Frederick Running Festival and the Baltimore Running Festival. If you would like to join this dedicated group of runners, now is the time to sign up.

Runners who complete races in both events in the same calendar year receive a special third medal at the Baltimore Running Festival. These medals are big and beautiful — definitely worth showing off!

GS and I saw the people who ran both races this year, saw their medal, and decided that we (or at least I) would definitely be doing that in 2013… and so I registered for it today. My race schedule for 2013 is starting to shape up nicely:

January 4-5, 2013: Ragnar Relay – Miami to Key West (runner four, represent!)
May 5, 2013: Frederick, Maryland half marathon
October 12, 2013: Baltimore Running Festival half marathon

I hope to add the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (registered for the lottery today), the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (first time in DC – entered the lottery for that one, too!), and maybe one more half or 10k. Signing up for races is like crack, but I’m ok with it because it keeps me running and out and enjoying beautiful Baltimore.

I love days like today. It’s nearly 10 p.m. and my eyes can barely stay open. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(TV? Who has time for TV?! Gossip Girl, I misssssssss youuuuuuuuuuu.)


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