Hurricane Sandy: A Baltimore Perspective of Frankenstorm

Hurricane Sandy from Space!

I’m just going to go ahead and assume that you all know that Hurricane Sandy blew through the mid-Atlantic region yesterday and today… and is still on her path of destruction in New England as I type this. As a Baltimore resident, I have to say that I’ve been completely impressed and comforted by t.he preparedness, attention to detail, and information I received on a constant basis: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Gov. O’Malley, Sen. Cardin – thank you all.

Many in Maryland were hit hard and lost power, but I was was not one of them. Many are saying that Maryland was on the more “fortunate side of the storm,” and for that, I’m grateful. I don’t have official word on how our little beach town of Fenwick Island, Delaware fared, but these photos are pretty shocking and sad:

Dagsboro, Fenwick Island, Delaware

Ocean Highway, Fenwick Island, DelawareOcean Highway, Fenwick Island, Delaware(All photos above courtesy of R. Chris Clark, Coastal Point. More photos here.)

Here is a picture of my neighborhood, Hampden, from Monday a.m., before things really got going:

Hampden, pre-Sandy and pre-Frankenstorm

And now? Thankfully, it looks pretty much the same, just with more leaves on the ground, and significantly wetter.

I prepped for Sandy by attempting to bake chocolate chip protein bars,

Pretty sure I was trying to make #sandy protein bars, not a soufflé?!

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buying lots of wine (and chilling lots of beer),

No rain yet, but wine has started. #sandy #viognier

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and tidying up my backyard furniture:

The backyard furniture is nestled all snug it their beds… #sandy.

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I don’t know WHAT I did to those protein bars, but somehow I think the egg started to cook pre-baking because it looked like a souffle and tasted like GROSS NASTY EGGY EWW. Not at all like the cakey goodness that I had anticipated. Oh well. I did successfully recreate this recipe for sweet potato pancakes, via Daphne Oz and The Chew. I forgot to add carrots, but they still came out really well! I didn’t take a picture, though, because I was busy conserving power and instead focusing on capturing the leaks in my roof.

Yes. Plural.


Six of ’em.

Here are some photos and one video from the first two leaks in my guestroom:

ceiling fan leak

Guestroom leak #1

two guestroom leaks

mudroom leak #1

water leak bubble?

What the ROCK is that thing above? Water, I assume… but from where? And how? And why, exactly? And how to fix?

Anyway… all things considered, I’m glad that I was, for the most part, spared any hurricane drama.

My thoughts and prayers are with those in New Jersey, New York, and all the other areas greatly affected by the storm.

PS – We can all agree that Lindsay Lohan is an idiot, yes?

Lindsay Lohan Hurricane Sandy Tweet


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