My “Fall Bucket List” Pinterest Board

fall bucket list 2012

I’m a little bit obsessed with Pinterest. I happen to think it’s the greatest online-organization method EVER. Truly. And while, yes – studies show that significantly more women use Pinterest than men, I do see that changing. I think women will always use it more, but men will see a greater use for it as it develops.


So anyway, a lot of the bloggers I’ve been reading lately are creating “Fall Bucket List” boards and I think it’s a great way to capture the amazingness of fall and to help make sure that I actually get out there and do all the fun things that fall has to offer.

To see my full “Fall Bucket List: 2012 – * the local addition * (most to-do items are in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area),” hop on over to my Pinterest board and take a look!

For those of you less inclined to visit Pinterest… your loss! But here’s a special sneak peak:

fall in a bowl

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon 2012

What’s on your fall bucket list? Care to share?


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