Hampdenfest’s Toiletbowl Races

Hampdenfest 2012

According to the Baltimore Messanger:

…This year’s toilet running, a fundraiser for Skatepark of Baltimore, Inc., was noteworthy for the number of entries at $40 per vehicle —14 compared to seven in 2011— and for a marquee race between Steve Baker, creator and organizer of the races, and George Peters, Jr., the 2010 champion.

In a heat leading up to the finals, Peters, of Hampden, wearing a brown friar’s garment and cross around his neck, ran in a rebuilt and religious-themed version of the “Golden Throne” that he rode to victory in 2010.

This time, it was called “Holy Crap.”

But Peters’ prayers went unanswered, as Baker, also of Hampden, edged him out, even after flipping over at the finish line.

Do they have toilet bowl races in your neighborhood? I didn’t think so.

Good God do I love Baltimore. I said it today on Facebook but I’ll say it again here:

AC off. Windows open. Running happening. Baltimore Farmers market, up next. NFL Sunday. Orioles Magic. I’m sorry, but Baltimore is so full of awesome right now, I can’t take it.

I hope you had a good weekend, too.


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