Two Nemesis (Nemesi?)

If you’ve been reading this blog with some regularity, or even mild regularity (sounds like we’re talking about bowel movements, doesn’t it?), then you probably have correctly surmised that I enjoy food. Eating. Flavors. Spice, in particular.

So why, then, has my stomach decided it is allergic to two of my most favorite – and relatively bland – things to eat?

smiling bananabanana – stop smiling! you are not nice!

moulesmoules – the crucial friend to moules frites (mussels + fries)

These allergies are not new, of course, but I had about 2 tablespoons of banana in my smoothie today and now I’m going to be in pain for the next four-five hours which, lucky for you, means I get to whine about it.

Not worth it.

Stay tuned for next week’s whinefest when I whine about… bridges. I shake my fist at those things!!


UPDATE: The Chop tells me the plural of ‘nemesis’ is ‘nemeses.’

The more you know.


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