Just Beachy

It’s August 24 and I haven’t yet recapped my Fourth of July 2012 Weekend. Maybe it’s because it was different this year, with all the cool kids spread out all over the funky work week (The Fourth fell on a Wednesday this year.) Maybe it’s because this year has dealt me some family-related blows that make coordination a challenge. Maybe it’s because of the heat. I blame EVERYTHING on the heat, including my Fourth-Of-July “LONG RUN” which turned into a four mile slog-fest… which lead me to proclaim, “That was the hardest, sweatiest, most painful, most unenjoyable, hardest breathing five-miler training run of my life. I’m beginning to think that a fall half is not in the cards, based solely on my inability to train in the heat. Hrmph!”

Spoiler Alert: As you know from every single blogpost between the Fourth of July and today, I got over it and will, in fact, dominate the Baltimore Running Festival’s Half Marathon this year.

Every trip to the beach first involves my nemesis: The Chesapeake Bay Bridge. That’s ok, though, because after the nemesis comes… the relaxation:

Q: What else does one need when beach side? (unpictured: beer, hummus, veggies)

When you are so disorganized that you can no longer find THE BEST KOOZIES EVER IN EXISTENCE (I owned six and they had better turn up soon!), you are forced to buy what’s available. Above is what was available. You’d better redneckognize.

You know what else you’d better redneckognize? Grilling in your front yard to ring in the fourth of July.

LM, dressed festively, builds a pyramid out of the coals because that’s what the Internet told us grilling-novices to do. (PS – Mom, if the grilling in the front yard didn’t kill you, then the sight of our towels drying on the front porch will. I promise we moved them shortly thereafter. Pinky.)

LM is a champ, and we she got that fire rockin’ in no time. To say we were proud of ourselves is the understatement of the century. (Note to self: running is no excuse for an overdue pedicure. NOTED.)

With the fire started, we grabbed a beer and took time to take in the sunset. It never, ever gets old.

BACK TO THE BURGERS. Wanna know what we she put in those bad boys below? Lots of garlic (duh) and lots of BLUE CHEESE:

The addition of what surely was 1/4 cup of blue cheese each burger (not kidding) plumped our burgers up from regular sized to plus sized. Fourth-of-July approved! How very, very American of us.

And then… it was time to eat:

To be clear: LM made the burgers, the squash salad, the regular salad, the corn on the cob, and I… set the table (I think)? And placed the beer (Natty Boh). Good job on that, me.

We preceded dinner with a four-city firework show (am I connected or what?), enjoyed from the dock, with beer in hand. Fenwick Islanders are able to see the two Ocean City, MD firework shows AND Bethany Beach show AND the Dewey Beach show. I even pulled out my iPhone to add a soundtrack to the festivities (Miley Cyrus, Party in the USA). Good job on THAT, me.

All in all, it was a super low-key, super yummy, super patriotic holiday…. just the way I like it.

I don’t care what you saw, Fenwick Island Beach is the best beach ever…

… and this kid really knows how to enjoy it.

Until the next Fourth of July, FIB!


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