Blame the Chilean Tourists

Oh sure… blame the Chilean tourists:

Mayim Bialik was seriously injured Wednesday in a car accident in Los Angeles.

Bialik, 36, was driving in L.A. when a car with three tourists from Chile turned into her vehicle at Hollywood Boulevard and caused the crash, LAPD Sgt. Monte Houze tells PEOPLE.

“From what I was told, there was a lot of blood at the scene,” says Houze.

He says Bialik, known for her roles on Blossom and The Big Bang Theory suffered “a severe injury to her left thumb” and was taken to a local hospital. The tourists were not cited or detained.

But the star won’t be losing a digit. On Wednesday afternoon, Bialik posted a message on Twitter saying, “(husband typing) In pain but will keep all my fingers. If u wanna see pre accident me watch The Soup tonight lol.”

TMZ first reported the accident.

Emphasis mine.

Ok fine, they didn’t necessarily blame the Chileans, but you know they’d never write, “… when a car with three tourists from Missouri…”

PS: Here’s my favoritest version of Mayim Bialik, via Beaches. Hit it, toots!:

You better believe my childhood was filled with many hours of me belting this out. I may/may not have cassette recordings of said performances (and yes, I’m 800 million years old).


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