Woodberry Kitchen Memories

Another night, another upcoming trip to Woodberry Kitchen! I love living less than a mile away from my most favorite restaurant on the planet. And I will be super excited to go with my friend Justin from Will Blog for Food DC… his first WK experience!

As I thought about what I wanted to write in anticipation of tonight’s dinner, I went back to search for the last time I blogged about Woodberry Kitchen. I wanted to link to the impromptu-birthday dinner I had in January, and realized… OMG I never posted it. What’s wrong with me?!?! Apologies ALJ and JLJ!

So, without further ado, here is what I wrote – and never published – back in January. You should read it with a winter coat, scarf, and cup of piping hot coffee because I remember it was super cold that night… and who am I not to suggest the optimal reading atmosphere to you, my loyal reader?


Back in January of this year, I had the pleasure of an impromptu dinner with two of my favorite people, ALJ and JLJ, at my absolutely favorite Baltimore restuarant… Woodberry Kitchen! You might remember Woodberry Kitchen from my glowing posts about oysters, birthday dinners, brunch with my dad (and a chica tip), and Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert inspired shennanigans (spoiler alert: we didn’t get to hang out).

When ALJ pinged me to let me know that she and JLJ would be in town as they had a late-night pick-up to make from BWI, I knew what was going to come next: She was going to see if I wanted to grab dinner.

Obviously, the answer was yes.

Then she said, “What about Woodberry Kitchen?”

Obviously, the answer was yes.

And so… we dined! And naturally, it was AMAZING, not just because we sampled basically everything on the menu, but also because I had the greatest dinner companions ever. Would you LOOK at this face:

First of all, any kid who can go to a restaurant and order steak frites (officially called small tavern steak and “French” fries) is a kid after my own heart. Both of ALJ’s boys are little foodies that don’t survive on only “kid food,” like chicken fingers and pizza. I’m sure they eat that too, but they also eat a ton of other interesting and adventurous foods. Mad props to those kids (and their parents for keepin’ the food REAL).

Second of all, JLJ is like… the cutest ever. He’s not shy, he’s well behaved, and he’s a ton of fun. He got to order chocolate milk and was so excited when it arrived that he nearly housed the entire glass in a matter of seconds. Naturally, his mom stopped him, but it was so cute to watch him sneak sips.

So what did ALJ and I order to share? What DIDN’T we order?

We had: the Tilghman Island Crab Pot (lump crab, house quark, fish pepper, sherry, toasts), 12 oysters, the Kitchen Burger (House-ground chuck, lettuce & onion, fries/raw cheddar),a flatbread, I FORGOT WHAT ALJ ORDERED FOR HER MAIN BECAUSE I WAS SO CONSUMED WITH MY OWN FOOD CHOICES, and naturally, the birthday ice cream – complete with my name written in chocolate:

When it’s your birthday, I highly recommend you get a child to sing it you. #BestEver

All-in-all, it was another successful Woodberry Kitchen trip. Who is surprised? NOT ME!


One thought on “Woodberry Kitchen Memories

  1. YAY! I have been dying to relive that meal, so thanks for the stroll down memory lane! We’ll have to go with BLJ the little foodie next time too. When we were up in the Finger Lakes a few weeks ago, we had lunch at one of my fave restaurants up there (Red Newt Bistro – http://rednewt.com/ww2/bistro/) and Ben wow’d our waitress by declaring the Yancey’s Hot Horseradish Wasabi Cheddar cheese to be his favorite from the cheese plate! Hahahaha. She complimented his “sophisticated palate” so I think he would be all-in for the WK experience!

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