Rainy, Runny Thursday

So blah, blah, blah my life is a stinky poop pile (TMI? TMI!) these days. I’ve mentioned it. So now, more than ever, fitness and exercise is seriously a necessity.  So that’s nice and all, but sometimes, when you don’t want to exercise… you just don’t want to exercise.

Yesterday? I didn’t want to exercise. At. All.

But the Charm City Run Half Marathon Running Coach (part of the training group I run with) (Baltimore location, WOOT WOOT) has a plan for me to follow… and that plan called for five miles with three at HM (half marathon) pace.

So I will follow that plan because the hills of the Baltimore Half Marathon terrify me. (PS – they just released the shirt color… PURPLE! YAY!)

Anyway, I had to make myself get this run in… so I went to Ft. McHenry to knock it out. One loop there is only slightly more than a mile… thus making for a mentally-easy run. My mental game is ballz. Yes, with a “z.” I was nervous that it wouldn’t be open, but turns out, it’s open 8 to 8:

Ok then, good to know. So then there were basically no excuses left. Time to run. Five laps. Let’s do this.

Oh say can you see…

Isn’t Ft. McHenry pretty? It’s even prettier to run around because it’s surrounded by water. I didn’t take a picture of said water because I forgot my ear buds and ran iPhone-less, so I snapped this on my way out.

After one warm-up lap, which was followed by a Ali-on-the-Run-style pitstop, I was ready to run. And wouldn’t you know it… it felt fantastic. Duh. Even bad runs feel good when they are over. But this one felt good while running. Even better. It might of helped that I channeled my inner Allyson Felix and pretended I was competing for the USA. Hey – it works!

I rode my exercise-high directly to Harris Teeter for some protein (and grapes) and then watched some more of my back-log of Olympic track and field coverage. I re-watched the Mens 10,000m and reignited my Mo Farrah and Galen Rupp love with a bottle of my new favorite summer beer:

I love it when my nail polish matches the beer bottle. No matter how poorly a paint-job I did.

I may have dozed off during some more of the Oly events, but I went to bed happier than I’ve been in a while, more relaxed, and proud of myself for getting through the day. And don’t we all deserve to feel so content each day? I think so.


2 thoughts on “Rainy, Runny Thursday

  1. This is not Ben. This is not Jake. It’s Anh. And —– THAT IS MY FAVORITE SUMMER BEER OF 2012!!!!

    Yay! Keep running Molls!


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