It Gets Better

Things are quiet on my blog which, for me, typically means my personal and real life is going bonkers.


So while my life should feel all like this:

… what it really feels like is this:

I guess that’s not an entirely accurate representation of how I feel because the photo above was taken after a rainy run on the Inner Harbor Promenade and it was actually quite fun. What I’m dealing with now is more like someone sticking fiery-hot pokers in my heart and eyeballs simultaneously while pouring hot sauce down my throat. In short: miserable.

It’s not fair that I give you this fifth-grade exercise in simile and metaphor, but then don’t tell you the what, the why, and the who. I know this. But that wouldn’t be fair to me or any of the parties involved. It also wouldn’t let me try and turn back to the blog for focus, therapy, and cheering up.

Why is is so much easier to tell things to strangers? To put things out into the blogosphere or to that-guy-you-know-from-a-friend-that-was-just-being-nice-when-he-asked-how-you-were-doing? Sometimes I am literally bursting at the seams to talk/vent/scream, and other times… the times when I am near tears… I just can’t bear to think about things anymore. Those are usually the times when my bests (friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, special people) reach out.

Bests: If you are reading this, know that I hear you and see your concern for me and I love and appreciate even just the knowing. 

Maybe things will get better. They almost certainly have to. But until then, ignorance, dear Internets, is bliss… so I shall consider this little piece of the Internet my bliss.

Also blissful? Stroopwafle from Artifact Coffee:

It gets better… not just in the way #ItGetsBetter has been used as of late (which is awesome, and incredible, and inspiring, and (i hope) supportive), but also in the fun. way:

Like starlight crashing through the room,
We’ll lose our feathers.
Yes, I know it hurts at first,
But it gets better.


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