Red Velvet… Coffee?

Oh yes, it exists:

(Also in existence: Build Me Up Peanut Buttercup. Which is obviously going to be amazing… whenever I can tear myself away from the red velvet.)

You know when you read something on a blog, and you get it in your head that you’re going to do/make/eat/run/sew/craft/buy whatever it is that the blogger did because it looked so cool/so easy/so fun/so delicious/so healthy that you didn’t want to be left out?

Right – well, that’s exactly why I found myself at The Fresh Market yesterday, practically beating down the doors when they opened. I read in Carrots ‘N’ Cake that she had red-velvet flavored iced coffee after her breakfast and almost immediately, my mouth watered. The additional purchase of peanut butter and chocolate flavored coffee was a total impulse purchase. I like to live on the edge… of the coffee aisle.

For those of you crinkling your nose at my dessert-coffee purchases… FOR SHAME. Listen – I was once like you. No flavored coffees. Nothing fancy. No cream or sugar, or derivatives of the like (almond/rice/coconut milk, for example). But now, a splash of non-dairy milk in an iced-dessert coffee is my new jam. I can’t get enough.

Does anyone else have other dessert-coffee flavors they’d recommend for iced coffee?


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