Taharka Brothers Ice Cream

Here’s the thing about me and ice cream: I like it, but I don’t love it. There isn’t much to hate on, but if I’m going for something sweet, chances are I’m going straight for a lemon bar, lemon pound cake, or something rich, dense, and chocolaty.

And then summer hit. And it was hot… and sticky… and humid… and oh so very Baltimore. And suddenly, all I ever wanted to eat was ice cream (and popcorn, but I guess that’s a different post). But since I never ever buy it, I don’t really know where the *good* places are. This wasn’t an Edys craving, nor was it a Baskin Robbins craving. It was kind of a Dairy Queen craving (yes, I blame you, LM). This was a the-creamier-the-better craving.

Enter Taharka Brothers (Bros.) Ice Cream:

Here’s some more info about the mission and leadership behind Taharka Brothers Ice Cream, authored by a friend of mine (whom I had no idea started blogging! Congrats, WH!):

The company is both a nonprofit geared towards social and political empowerment of young African-Americans through “food, fun and justice” and a for-profit ice cream endeavor through which that mission is accomplished. Although Taharka Brothers has a mission of social justice, they are emphatic that they are not a “charity” and that “there are no programs here.” Instead, they see themselves as an icon of possibility and youthful revolution. Mike explained the logic of the model: “You can’t force somebody to do something. But if you see somebody who looks just like you, dressed like you, came from where you came from, doing it, then why wouldn’t you want to do it?”

And they do it really well. The ice cream that Taharka Brothers makes is damn good. Flavors like salty caramel, toasted coconut or honey graham cracker are vivid, colder, sweeter versions of the real thing. They actually taste like what they say they are in part because they are made with real ingredients. Double shot Berger cookie features a local delicacy, spongy butter cookies topped with globs of fudge and then crumbled into a creamy espresso base.

Is your mouth watering yet?

I’ve wanted to write about Taharka Brothers Ice Cream since the first moment their ice cream tasted my lips. When was that? Sunday, June 24, 2012. How’s THAT for specific?

On this day, the team I run with for Back on My Feet Baltimore (MCVET!)**, gathered for a trail run at the beautiful Oregon Ridge Nature Center Trails and then followed it up with our Team Picnic out in beautiful, scenic Monkton. Side note about this trail run: Molly doesn’t run trails well. They kick her butt and leave her legs smarting for days. On this particular run, we set out for 4-5 miles… and ended up doing 7 (we got lost!). So post-run, I was STARVING!

Good thing the smart folks that organized the picnic saw to it that our BBQ was able to turn into an ice-cream party courtesy of the Taharka Bros. Ice Cream TRUCK! Brilliant:

WOO HOO! Upon much thought, debate, consideration, and self-bargining, I decided to try the strawberry AND maple bacon. YES I SAID MAPLE BACON (pictured below at the left). It was 50 shades of awesome. Both were. And strangely, they complimented each other perfectly.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. Sunday was an epic day. It involved the Baltimore Farmers Market, a quick run, my new-favorite yoga class, a sushi dinner, and the BACHELORETTE three-hour finale. Oh… and a Taharka Bros. Ice Cream stop apres-dinner and pre-Bachelorette.

You can see from the picture of the board below, they have too many delicious flavors to make a proper choice. SO AGAIN, after much deliberation, I went for strawberry and key lime pie.


Again, it did not disappoint.

Obviously I’m obsessed with the strawberry and cannot get enough. But I like to play with the second flavor. I can’t wait to go back and try another flavor. I’m thinking salty caramel?

If you’re ever in the Baltimore area, treat yo’self to some delicious and socially-conscious Taharka Brothers Ice Cream!

** I pinky that I will write more about the amazing, awesome, incredible folks at Back on My Feet Baltimore. PINKY!


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