When Life Happens…

I feel weird today. I like I’m not where I’m supposed to be, but I chose where I am so I think I just have to deal. Does that make sense?

Let me explain.

I was supposed to be running the Rebel Race, and by running I mean crushing a certain co-worker.

But sometimes… life happens. And life is happening this beach weekend, and the thought of driving home to run an obstacle-based race in record-breaking heat (feels like WHAT NOW? 112?? Molly don’t play that.) and then turning around and driving back to the beach in the same day just didn’t sound like something I wanted to do anymore.

So I bailed.

I chose, after much torment, to suffer the consequences of humiliation and joking and chiding – of which there has already been so much – and am instead sitting here:

… doing this:

… looking like this:

… and smiling.

Because life is happening right here, right now. And I don’t want to miss it. I made the right choice, so I’ll take the teasing that comes along with it.

Molly learned a lesson, everyone!!! It goes a little something like this: Don’t talk smack, MJ. You way too careless and fancy-free to make promises you likely won’t show up to try and keep.

See also: GEESE!

P.S. The book I’m readingΒ in the picture a few pictures up is awesome. I bought it in 2005 and then it sat on my bookshelf until last week when I grabbed it to read this weekend. I’m so glad I did. It’s beautifully written and I highly recommend it. So what if seeing the author as a “character” on Real Housewives of New York City made me remember I wanted to read it? SO WHAT?!?


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