The Weekend of Thunderstormaggedon

Alternative Title: That’s Derecho, Molly, not Derecha

You may have heard that this weekend we experienced a bit of a Thunderstormaggedon here in the Baltimore area on Friday night. Simply put, it was the single scariest storm I’d ever been in, and I’ve been in three hurricanes. (<– See what I did there? I showed you how tough I was for being in multiple storms while simultaneously telling you how much scarier this storm was.) When the storm hit, I checked out my weather forecast to see if CRAZY ASS STORM was in the forecast:

It wasn’t.

Really, iPhone? 30% chance of a storm? iPhone weather = liar.

Saturday morning, I woke up covered in a pool of sweat since, you guessed it, my power went out. I can’t complain, though, as it was back on in 14 hours and I had no other damage, save a rogue grill cover that blew away during the storm. And even that, I found it hanging out in my front yard. So I shouldn’t complain.

Since the act of putting on clothes left me too hot to run outside, I decided to head to the gym where there was both air conditioning and treadmills. But to get there, I first had to find a coffee shop that didn’t have a ridiculously long line (no power, no coffee, big problem). I ended up at Dunkin’ Donuts where I only had to wait for 30 minutes. The world has gone mad but they sure as heck will have their caffeine!

While waiting in said 30-minute line, I spotted this darling little Balwmer hon who was chowing down on a Dunkin’ Donut. She was so adorable, it hurt.

Once properly caffeinated, I had to then navigate a mine-field of fallen tree:

I’ve never seen anything like this in Maryland before. Am I overstating how crazy bonkers it was? Maybe, but it had been so long since I’d experienced this level of mess.

After the gym and a nice, cold shower, I went to my friend, J&RY’s, BBQ that was moved from her home to her parents’ home because she was out of power. While there, I got to meet the adorable Gracie:

Dear Gracie: You look like a thug in this picture, but in real life you are adorable and sweet and small and so much better behaved than me… but I’m more tan. I can’t help it. It’s in the gene pool. XOXO, aunt molly

J&RY’s son was also putting on a show, crawling faster than you could imagine and dancing to an animated-musical-Ravens statue. You had to be there to really understand that last sentence, but all in all, such adorable (and well-behaved) little kids.

Moving on: remember when I set all these goals for June? And then I basically admitted that I failed to reach any of them? Well, I’m happy to report that I did celebrate two (out of six) successes.

First off, I FINALLY got a sleep average of over six hours:

Thank you weekend for making it all possible. I still aim for better than a B- in sleep efficiency, but I know when not to get greedy.

As for the second goal I met, it’s the one where I promised to blog with more frequency. June saw a sub-par start, but in the end, I had 15 posts in June which hasn’t been done since December… so I call that a success!

Overall, though, 2/6 is only 1/3 (FRACTIONS!) of my goals met, so the next time I try and set goals for myself, I’m going to work hard to ensure I can actually achieve them before committing ON THE INTERNETS. Lesson: Learned.

My Sunday involved a ton of errands, including a must-purchase for my upcoming beach vacation (I leave tonight!):

LM and I will be making these and it will be even more awesome than it was in 1991.

Sunday also included a foodfest wherein I ate all the food, starting at Sofi’s Crepes (you can’t tell, but that’s the Crepe Florentine below):

Fresh Spinach, Mushrooms, Gruyere Cheese, Sunflower Seed with a Pepper Parmesan sauce… I’ll take four one. PS- aren’t our two beverage choices adorable?

Then we saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (for the elderly and beautiful) in the magnificently cold Charles Theater. I loved it, but then, I love all-things India and Indian. When oh when will I ever get the chance to travel there? At least now, thanks to the movie and it’s message that I’ve subscribed to for a long time, I have an exciting plan that involves retiring in India. Who’s with me?

What does one need after stuffing their face with a savory and decadent crepe?


We decided to try out the Hampden Food Market (I think it’s just Food Market but I add the Hampden part because I’m a local so I can). It received solid to positive reviews from some discerning pallets, and it didn’t let me down, though I’d like to go back with a bit more of an appetite and a larger party to really try to get a good taste. I shared the Red Ceasar, the fish sandwich (catfish):

… and a 20 oz. Natty Boh. Loving the 20th anniversary can:

And now? Now I’m busy getting ready for the beach. I leave tonight and get to enjoy a blissful week, interrupted only for a 12-hour trip home to kick Josh’s butt at the Rebel Race. After that mission is accomplished, and it will be accomplished, I’ll head back to the beach to optimize relaxation.

Happy 4th of July!


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