June 2012: Part 2 of 2

You read Part 1. You loved it. (You probably didn’t.) Now you’re ready for Part 2. I promised you cankles, so cankles you shall have. Get pumped.

Groin Injury. I have one (had?) and it was mentally effing with me. For one, I really, really, really, wanted to run the Baltimore 10-Miler that I had fundRACED for. Key part of that word is “race” in that once I raise the money, I’m supposed then actually complete the race. So in typical “Molly” fashion, I agonized and tortured myself over what was the right decision for me, my health, and the crazy voice in my head that makes me think I can do anything, anytime, anywhere. As of the Thursday night before, I was 90% sure that I was running it.

And then I saw this:

Cheese ball, I KNOW! But it spoke to me, and I realized what I had to do. In the end… my courage came in the form of not running the 10-miler. I KNOW. So sad. But definitely the best choice for my running future, my health, and to beat my co-worker Josh in the Rebel Race on July 7. (<– more information on that to come, don’t you worry.) Josh – if you’re reading this, I will kick your ass, WITHOUT QUESTION.

Since I raised all that money and was not going to run it, I had to get out there and show my support for my best-running buddy Jen – who now had to run the race solo – and my fellow Back on My Feet teammates. So at 6 a.m., I walked over to Druid Hill Park:

… got a little pang of jealousy for the people walking in front of who were clearly going to be running, and made my way to Mile 9 to work a water stop with other Back on My Feeters.

Maybe I’ll write more about Back on My Feet here at some point, but not today. That deserves a post of its own.

At the water stop, we all got busy with the business of side-walk chalking the street with inappropriate homages to Carly Rae Jepson:

… taking a million pictures of our neon-party, 80s style, water-providing selves:

photo courtesy of Cate Conroy

… and um, actually handing out water. This dude was the first dude to fly by our water stop. SO FAST!

If I was racing, I’d obvi be hot on his tail. Oh well, there’s always another lifetime year.

After the race, I walked home, grabbed a much-needed shower (water-handing out and cheering is a sweaty, sweaty job), and hopped in my car to head to the beach. That’s where my Dad lives, and it was Father’s Day weekend, afterall.

Was it a little demoralizing to arrive at the beach so late in the afternoon on Saturday, only to turn around and head back home the next day? Sure, but that can be fixed with my new best friend:

Meet Skinnygirl White Cran Cosmo. She’s sometimes sweet, sometimes tart, but always a good time.

To know me is to know that I’m always obsessing over something… Disney, Diet Coke (past tense, thank god), running, groin injuries, my bangs, Lady Gaga, vegan black bean burgers… but it’s officially time to add another thing to the list: Skinnygirl cocktails. Margaritas, White Cranberry Cosmo, Sangria, you name it, I love it. Thank you, Bethenny Frankel.

Here’s what happened for the rest of my beach interlude: cocktails, food, cocktails, bike ride, more cocktails, sleep, run, dad-visit, read, sleep, drive home. You can’t handle the pictures from that.

On the way home, I wanted to stop at my most favorite produce stop EVER, Little Wagon Produce, but they were closed FOR THE DAY:

(Not forever, silly gooses), so we stopped here:

Meh. I don’t recommend.

So by then it was around 8 p.m. and I was STARVING. It seemed smart to stop on Kent Island for some seafood and sunset-viewing. And hush puppies. I mean, obviously.

Fisherman’s Inn and Crab Deck Hush Puppies…

… Vegetable Hard Crab Soup

… and Steamed Shrimp. I shared the hush puppies. I did not share the rest.

Ok fine. I shared the view, too… though you can’t tell it from this picture.

I woke up the next day to realize that Baltimore was in for a doozy of a heat-wave:

Is this shiz for real?

NOT OK! I can’t stand being even slightly hot, so this was not ok with me. Spoiler Alert: I survived the heat and lived to blog about it.

And now, the update you were waiting for… CANKLES.

That’s it. Enjoy the picture of CK, one of my bests, and her cankles. She’s pregnant, due in September, and since she lives in beautiful New England, I can’t see her daily to monitor her ankle size. So when she gchatted me that she had cankles, I made her prove it to me. And then I bedazzled said picture.

I’m an excellent friend.

AND THEN I WON FREE LOVE GROWN GRANOLA AND IT ARRIVED IN THE MAIL! I love it when I win things on the internet because I get excited to win, then I forget about it, and then get excited all over again when the goodies arrive in the mail.

I was excited. Free granola has been mollytics-proven to taste better. Plus it’s full of awesome all-natural ingredients that don’t make me feel icky.

In conclusion, I have but one more thing to say:



3 thoughts on “June 2012: Part 2 of 2

  1. For the record – I love your posts and CK is looking gorgeous as a pregnant woman.

    But my comment is actually a question – with all the driving back and forth to the beach that you do, do you ever listen to books on tape? If so, do you have any recommendations?


    • Leslie – thanks for the compliments! And I agree that CK is a gorgeous pregnant woman, cankles and all.

      I am addicted to XM radio… so I listen to everything from Broadway to Disney to the Book Chanel to MSBNC to POTUS radio… but not a book on tape outright. That said, the three books on tape I’ve liked in the past are: A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn (bonus: Matt Damon does the audio), Recalculating by Jennifer Weiner, Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman; and The War Within by Bob Woodward. I like nonfiction for long drives.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions!

    I am driving to my parent’s lake house next week (9 hours) with Gavrie, Abbe and the Q-dog and we are looking for audio books to please all. I am very intrigued by Downtown Owl. I will keep you posted.

    We have listened to Bossypants, which was great b/c it was read by Tina, Assassination Vacation (Sarah Vowel reads it and she is a radio person, so excellent) and I suck at Girls by Justin Halpern (of Sh*t My Dad Says) which was decent.

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