June 2012: Part 1 of 2

Now that I’ve caught you up on my less-than-epic Man-Up Month: June, I’ve got to catch you up with what the rock I’ve been doing with my June. For that, I’ll employ the mighty bloggers’ crutch… the photo. Because it’s easier that way. And these blogposts don’t write themselves. Also, this part 1 of 2. Again, because I’m lazy.

Let’s start with June 2 and work our way forward:

After the Zooma 10k of Saturday, June 2, I mentioned that I was going to try and hit-up the hot new joint in town, Kettle Hill. It was delicious and had I been feeling better I’d probably have more images to share with you. Instead, I hope you enjoy the Church & State Shaken/Down which is comprised of pressed pineapple, Herradura Silver Tequila, cinnamon syrup, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. It was crisp and bold and yet I’m confident most palettes would enjoy. Also: #BigIcedCubeWin

On Sunday, June 3, it was time to celebrate Chris’ high school graduation. We did this with a super delicious lunch at Hillendale while simultaneously getting a front-row view of a wedding.

We had to promise not to talk, be loud, or otherwise disrupt the wedding. It was a lot harder than one might think. I mean, we were a few drinks in and it was just so silly to be right there for the couple’s big day. Still, Mazel Tov to the bride and groom! (… The later of which turned out to be Chris’ old lacrosse coach. Smalltimore.)

Another weekend, another graduation… this time for my “little” Jack at my alma mater. I started babysitting for him when he was two years old, and now he’s at least two feet taller than me and one of my most favorite people in the world to chill with. It was a gorgeous day, we were lucky to have seats in the shade, and I especially enjoyed the #BallSoHard reference.

So proud, Jack. So proud.

The next day, I ran a stupid-hot race: the Red Devil 5k Run & Stroll. I ran an unplanned PR and clearly, from the picture above, have the sweaty top to show for it. Gross. Congratulations to Kent on running his first 5k! Those devil horns I’m sporting? Proof that all of the cool people will be partying hard in hell. Sike. The run organizers gave them out and I thought they were adorbs.
And then I got new kicks. I’m in love. Related: I look so tan I’m actually jealous of myself right now.

On Tuesday, June 12 – I went to see Beauty and the Beast in DC with my mom, Aunt Dean, and Emily. I got my mom the tickets for Mother’s Day and we were both impressed with how adorable National Theatre was inside. Neither of us had been there before and it didn’t disappoint. It didn’t hurt that our seats were kick-ass. Or that wine was in her sippy cup: 

Yes, I said wine in her sippy cup. And mine. And Aunt Dean’s:

Just another genius part of our evening.

Beauty and the Beast was really good, by the way. The cast was incredibly talented and I just loved the stuff out of “Be Our Guest.” I’m a Disney girl, what can I say?

This brings me to Thursday? Friday? June 14 I think, but I can’t remember for sure which day. All I can say – with my tail between my legs – is the picture above demonstrates how close I got to seeing the tall ships. Sailabration is totally my kind of scene, but the crowds kept me away. I know, I know. I’m so ashamed.

Stay tuned for Part 2, when I bore you with more photos of things you don’t care about, including whether-or-not I ran the Baltimore 10-Miler, the beach on Father’s Day, Kent Island, cankles, and free granola. I mean… if nothing else, look forward to it for the cankles!


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