Man-Up Month: June Doom

I’ll cut to the chase… Man-Up Month: June has been an unmitigated disaster.

Totally. Without question. Wanna know why? I’ll tell you:

  1. Participate in the RW Summer Running Streak 2012: I started on Memorial Day (ish) and by June 9, I kissed that goal goodbye. I’m clearly not a strong enough runner to run at least a mile a day… even without an injury. HAVE I MENTIONED MY GROIN INJURY IN THE PAST FIVE MINUTES? NO? OK. GROIN INJURY!
  2. Spend $40 a week: Approximately 0% of you thought I could do this and you were right. Between graduations, Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts, and many other unplanned “emergencies” (example emergency: I don’t feel like cooking dinner tonight), I gave up on that less than a week into June. My new plan is to play around more with Mint and set realistic goals and budgets. July, I’m looking at you. Finance-Up Month: July? We shall see.
  3. Refine my blogging focus: I’ve blogged six times this month. I think the fail in that speaks for itself.
  4. Organize guestroom: Still unorganized, even more-so now due to the addition of new running gear, more books, and general untidiness.
  5. Buy a shelf already: I mean, where do people even buy shelves anyway?
  6. Aim for a solid six hours of sleep a night: I use the Sleep Time app by Azumio and it tells me I’m getting an average of 5 hours 29 minutes of sleep a night with an average bedtime of 12:44 a.m. There’s still time to hit a six hour average, but I’m going to have to put in some serious sleepage. Stay tuned, as this might be the only goal I’ll achieve.

Now there are some positive things that have happenned this month…

  1. While I totally bombed the RW Summer Running Streak challenge, I’ve been running smarter… and that should count for something, yes?
  2. I have a more-focused idea of the information I want to try and capture on my public diary I call a blog, so perhaps I’m gaining focus afterall?
  3. I might have to organize my guestroom because I might have a guest at the end of June! Fingers crossed.

Moral of this post: I’ve got some work to do. But there’s nowhere to go but up, and I can get behind that any month.


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