Man-Up Month: June

I totally stole the idea of a Man-Up Month from Skinny Runner… though her man-up month week involved running three marathons (in three different states) and one ultra marathon relay:

Man Up Week is going to include 3 marathons (Gansett, Boston and San Luis Obispo) in 3 different states and the Ragnar SoCal Ultra Relay which will be between 30-40 miles.

And of course I’m going to throw some slower recovery miles in on the other days so it’ll be fun to see what the total Man Up Mileage will be for those 8 days.

She said she ended up right over 160 miles in nine days. WHAT THE WHAT?!?

I MEAN CAN YOU EVEN? I know, I can’t either. She’s the (wo)man. And I’m not sure, but I think that she followed all of that up by pacing a friend in the Eugene Marathon the next weekend so… lady is fierce.

Anyway, my man-up month isn’t solely about running, though naturally, it will involve running. But like, not a lot. For one, I have a (mild) injury, the kind that gets better from not running for 4-6 weeks. Harder than it sounds.

So yes… in June, starting today, I will Man-The-Eff-Up.

Why? – you ask? Let’s talk about my May: A notoriously effed-up month for me (why does bad always happen in May when it’s so gosh-darn pretty outside?), May 2012 was full of crap. Work crap. Running crap. Family crap. Emotional crap. Car crap. Weight-loss crap. Dog-death crap (one year ago yesterday, my little bunny boy). Death-in-general crap. End-of-life-prep crap. YOU SEE WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS? MAY 2012 = CRAP.

I need to reboot… like everything. Reboot everything. I need a crack spirit guide, without the crack, but with the crap-spirit guiding skillz. You know, to guide me through the crap cycle.

Are you still with me? I’m sorry about that. I’m a little obsessed with GIRLS. You should be, too. Be obsessed with girls and GIRLS, that is.

OMG so anyway… I’m sorry. This has gotten absurd even for me.

I’m going to take charge of the bad and try super-duper hard to turn it into good. Here’s how:

  • Super lazy/bad running –> participating in the RW Summer Running Streak 2012. Basically, I will commit to running at least one mile a day from Memorial Day until July 4. That’s it. NBD. This is my first summer as a runner, and I’m quickly learning that I don’t like running in the heat. Like, not even a little bit. Committing to this will help get me out there at least once a day to either break that cycle o’ hate, or at least prove to myself that my body can do whatever I ask of it… I only have to try.
  • Spending money like I gotta money tree –> Spending $40 a week.* I have no idea if this is too easy or too hard – that’s how little I budget. I completely and totally suck at money management and since I’m now solidly within my thirties, I’m pretty sure that I should learn how to do this whole “budgeting” thing. The $40/week thing is for June only, but the intent is to definitely learn about managing finances. While facing down my undergraduate debt in the face of my homeowner’s debt, I plan on trying to use and get familiar with mint and following some of Beth’s Journey advice (see: Start to Feel in Control and Tips for Living Healthy on the Cheap). Any/all money-budgeting advice is welcome and requested… so please do share in the comments below.
  • Blogging haphazardly and without purpose –> Refining my blogging focus. This is easy to man-up on. I’m going to blog more. Blog better. Blog for me. And hopefully, you’ll dig it too.
  • Disorganized guestroom –> Organized guestroom. Wherein I will buy that TV, paint the dang room, organize the dang built-in bookshelf, clean-out the depository-for-all-I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with closet, and bask in the glow of I-don’t-have-to-keep-the-guestroom-door-closed-so-that-I don’t-have-to-see-how-unorganized-it-is. FIRST BOOM.
  • Needing a bedside shelf for my books, water, alarm clock and lip gloss –> Buying a shelf already. I trust this needs no explanation?
  • Always exhausted and too little sleep –> aiming for a solid six hours of sleep a night. Again, I don’t know if this is too little or too much. I know I don’t need a lot of sleep, but I do know that an average of four hours/night is too little. So, I will go to bed earlier. SECOND BOOM.

And there you have it. I blogged it, so I have to do it now, right? RIGHT?! Good.

P.S. I already missed five days of running due to a groin injury (awkward)…

…but I’m running the Zooma Annapolis 10k tomorrow so… since that’s 6.2 miles, I’m gonna go ahead and call it even Steven. We’re ok with that, right? Good.

** This includes all meals out, extra purchases (shelves included), coffees not made at home, clothing, groceries (eep), and miscellaneous expenses. If it’s too tough, then I’ll give myself some extra for groceries, but I’m really going to see if I can do this without.

What do you think? Share!

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