100 Bowls of Compassion at Miriam’s Kitchen

Last night, I ate my way through went to an awesome event in Washington, DC thanks to my friend LM. The event, held annually, is called 100 Bowls of Compassion and it was held at the beautiful National Building Museum. I’ve never been there before, but it was a gorgeous, big, bright space and perfect for an event like this.

100 Bowls of Compassion Gala for @MiriamsKitchen

So pretty, right?

Hold up: What’s Miriam’s Kitchen all about, you ask?
Miriam’s Kitchen works to end chronic homelessness in Washington, DC. They advocate for permanent supportive housing as a long-term solution, while meeting short-term needs by providing healthy meals and high-quality social services to more than 3,500 chronically homeless individuals each year… and you can’t hate on that, now can you?

Ok, so back to the event. According to the postcard invite, the theme of the night was road trip around America:

I love a road trip, and I love America, so I was sold from the get-go. Florida Girl in DC breaks down a sample of the menu for us:

  • Massachusetts –Baked Beans, Brown Bread, Boston Cream Pie
  • Rhode Island – Fried Clam Cakes
  • New York – Little Italy Gelato
  • New Jersey – Cuckoo Juice with Garden State Produce
  • Pennsylvania – Philly (bison) Steak & Cheese, Keswick Creamery Cheese Course
  • Virginia – Ham Biscuits with Honey Butter
  • South Carolina – Shrimp & Grits
  • Georgia – Peanut Soup with Peppery Brittle
  • Louisiana – Pecan Pie
  • Illinois – Chicago Spiced Popcorn
  • Texas – Rattlesnake and Rabbit Chili
  • New Mexico – Poblano Pepper Salsa and House Made Chips
  • California – Specialties from San Francisco’s Chinatown including Lotus Root Salad, Dan Dan Jicama, BBQ Pork, and Spicy Eggplant; Rocky Road Bars
  • Washington – Seared Salmon with Coffee BBQ Glaze and Juniper Berries

Yeah… I mean, there was going to be a lot of yum going on, yes? Elastic pants, where are you?

I got the sweetest parking spot EVER, right outside the front door:

I never, ever get that lucky. Especially while driving. Especially while driving in DC.

After a few pump-me-up tunes (Call Me Maybe, Tomorrow Never Knows, Dancing on My Own, Helena Beat) in the car – since I was feeling sleepy – I headed inside and was welcomed with this Cuckoo Juice with Garden State Produce… representing, you guessed it, New Jersey:

This was light, delicious, sweet and made me wish I was at the beach. Better yet, my friend AW was volunteering so I got to see her right off the bat. Fun! (Reminds me: Countdown to Memorial-Weekend-Beach-Shenanigans: 21 days!)

You can’t really see how cute the set-up here is, but trust me… it’s was cute (especially for The Dirty Jers):

After checking-in, I went to find LM, and learned a little more about the silent auction and live auction items. I even won something (!) in the silent auction but I’m not going to post about it here in case my mom learns how computers work, discovers my blog, and it ruins her Mother’s Day surprise…

… too bad the picture below is going to make her so angry she might not be able to see through the fury of yet another picture where my hair looks ghastly (only this time I SWEAR IT WAS NOT ONLY CLEAN BUT BLOW-DRIED (improvement!)):

Will I ever take a good-hair picture? Answer: No. But I will make it into BisNow’s The Scene. So partial points awarded. BTW, aren’t the “I (heart) MK” buttons adorable? So were the wooden spoons as a parting gift.

ANYWAY… THE FOOD! That’s what we all care about right? Good. Here you go:

I LOVED the Lotus Root Salad at the San Francisco station!

The Chinatown theme was a yummy idea… I can promise you that. I tried things multiple times just to make sure.

South Carolina: Shrimp and Grits. Confession: I don’t ever like grits, but I love the idea of grits.

And that (above), my friends, is Rattlesnake Chili. And it is delicious… if deceptively light and flaky. Like Tilapia? But chicken-y…er. And now I made it sound gross, but it wasn’t. It was awesome. And no, LM, that’s not a scallop.

This is only a small sample of the millions of delicious desserts they had to offer. The double-chocolate cookies were my personal favorite, but I also really enjoyed the Pitango pistachio and dark chocolate gelato.

Other food favorites included the Boston Baked Beans with Brown Bread (Massachusetts), Ham Biscuits with Brown Butter (Virginia), and the Seared Salmon (Washington). And now I’m full all over again.

Best part of the night comes now:

Whether you attended the event, donated generously, volunteered your time, or simply wished us well–you made a tremendous difference.

And at the end of the night, that difference added up to a record-breaking $500,000 ($150,000 more than raised last year!) to help end chronic homelessness in Washington, DC.

That unprecedented outpouring of generosity means we can continue to provide our guests with the services they need the most.

Congratulations to the Miriam’s Kitchen team for a wonderful and delicious event. As you can probably tell, I had a ball!

Many but not all of the photos used in this post are mine, but not all. You can click the pictures to link through to their rightful owner, but most come from the Instagram streams of tammygordon and/or lucym82.


One thought on “100 Bowls of Compassion at Miriam’s Kitchen

  1. We are so glad you could join us! Your support helped get us to that huge goal and we are so grateful for your generosity. Thank you for such a wonderful review too 🙂 Hope to see you again soon! –Jenn at Miriam’s Kitchen

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