Fancy-Pants Cilantro

This weekend, I ran eight miles with MS (in training for the Baltimore 10 Miler that I really am regretting signing-up for because it’s got a reputation of being hard and hilly… and HOT) and then bought some vegetation. Proof:

Is vegetation the word I wanted to use? Would foliage have been a better word choice?

The top picture is cilantro… but not traditional cilantro… a different kind. I thought the farmer who sold it to me said it was “yellow cilantro,” but now I’m second guessing myself because I can’t google it. Does anyone know what kind of cilantro it is, based on the picture?

The bottom picture is, obviously, a rose bush. Isn’t it pretty? I needed something for the corner of my yard, and since I live in rat city and feral-cat heaven (I imagine), I am not totally excited by the prospect of tending to a full-out herb and vegetable garden only to have rats and cats call it home.

… and I just grossed myself out.

So instead, I planted a robust rose bush, accented with salvia, and one still-undetermined-species of cilantro, and I will distill all my nurturing tendencies unto them… until they die.

Then I’ll get a dog.


2 thoughts on “Fancy-Pants Cilantro

  1. I’m so excited that I know what this is!!! It’s a Vietnamese herb called rau ram. But, I think it is known as Vietnamese Cilantro/Coriander. Google “rau ram” and you’ll find plenty of recipes and tips for growing (but I am not sure about the B’more Rats). ENJOY one of my herbs of choice!

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