Ready to Rock: Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon

So I guess I’m really running this thing, huh?

Unlike my last (and first and only) half marathon, I’m definitely not feeling ready. Sure – I know I can do it this time because I did it before. Sure – I’ve been running regularly… albeit this time with more intervals, hills, and 4-6 mile runs. And sure – I don’t have a time goal in mind… but I’m just not as trained as I was for the Disney half. This time around, I only ran up to 10 miles at one time, and frankly – it was hard.

But it’ll be ok.

I keep reminding myself that I sign-up for races because I actually like them. And if I don’t like running them, I don’t have to do them. Simple as that.

I am also really looking forward to running through DC. I can’t believe I lived there for nearly 12 years and I never once ran then. Time to fix that.

Also – going to the Expo yesterday got me all sorts of excited… seeing the crowds of runners, buying my first Garmin (weeee! thank you, tax refund!), getting my race shirt… all of it is so motivating. My only goal is just to enjoy, and to try my damndest to beat my last time. Which, weather permitting, shouldn’t be hard.

Let’s talk about weather, shall we. WTF is this, DC?:

Now look: I understand that I really can’t tell what the weather is going to be at race start (8am), but a high of 75??? In MARCH? Mother Nature – you best keep your shiz to below 70 degrees until I finish (roughly 11am) because I simply cannot stand running long and hard in the heat. I’m a delicate flower (nope). I do like that it appears that it will be overcast. I do appreciate that. Mostly because I’m scared of THE BIG HILL:

Finally, let me leave you with a cute picture of something that I’m sure is at all the Expos, but I just saw for the first time:

In case you can’t read it, it says: Here is your inner Kenyan.

Naturally I was super tall and super skinny in that mirror. I liked it a lot.

Anyway… I’ll again reiterate that if you will be in DC, or live in DC, or want to travel to DC to spectate, I highly recommend you doing it! I know I’ll be running by some of your homes, so if you’re inside, poke your head out and give the runners a cheer! It makes all the difference.


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