It seems, my Internet friends, that you know me all too well. No less than 15 of you – 8 of which I do not know IRL – sent me a link to A Cup of Jo’s post “Travel fantasy: Yurts:”

My twin sister and her husband took a weekend getaway to Big Sur and stayed in a yurt! They said it was one of their coolest vacations. How invigorating to spend the day hiking and swimming, and in the evening, you can drink wine on your deck, breathe the salty air, and watch the sunset. Yurts also seem like a great baby step for those of us who aren’t big campers: You get to be in nature and sleep in a bed. Good for wusses!

Have you ever stayed in a yurt? Would you want to? Big Sur looks incredible.

Well done, Internets! Well done.

Sorry Joanna, but I was diggin’ on yurts back in November of 2010… a odd little choice for a narrative device as seen here, here, here, here, here, and – in a move that warmed the cockles of my heart – here:

Still, I totally agree with her (Joanna)… a yurt-vacation is near the top of my travel-fantasy list. And a yurt in Big Sur – even better. There is, quite possibly, nothing better. Wine + sea air + yurt = new life goal. Is 2012 the year that I will make it happen?

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