Feed a Fever… Run a Cold?

I’m pretty sure that’s not how the saying goes. Still, I’d appreciate your good vibes as I try and not give in to the cold I’ve been fighting off since I got back from MEXICO. BTW, it’s mandatory to write MEXICO in all-caps all the time, every time, forever and ever.

Anyway, I’m treating it the only way I know how… with lots of water, lots of tissue, lots of tea, and The Bachelor.

Oh Ben. I used to think you were swell, and now I just think you stink. That’s ok. It would have never worked out between us. Sure, we both could use more conditioner in our hair, love dogs with adorable names, love San Francisco, and sure – I’d love to drink all the wine at your vineyard in Sonoma, but I draw the line at faux-weddings in a park. That’s just lame. Sorry I’m not sorry.

If I can just hold this cold off until after the half marathon I’m running on Saturday (shh, don’t tell), I’ll be a happy girl… so good vibes! Please! (And if you’re in DC this Saturday, come out and spectate! It’s so much fun I swear! For runners and spectators alike!)


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